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Halo Reach SWAT Tips Part 1

Updated on September 2, 2011

Halo Reach Swat

Halo Reach has a game mode called SWAT. Swat is a game type in which you have no shields and can be taken out quite quickly. The difference between swat in this game and Halo 3 is that you now have the DMR as a weapon instead of the battle rifle (BR). Careful aimed shots will be needed to get a head shot, unlike how the battle rifle in halo 3 was a 3 round burst. The dmr is a single shot rifle. Some players may say it takes more skill to use then the battle rifle did in Halo 3.

Swat has no load outs to choose from. You automatically start out with a dmr, and have the sprint ability. The dmr has infinite ammo, but you still need to reload. There is also no radar to use. Patience and being fully alert is required if you want to do well. Unlike team slayer , one player can easily take out an entire team in seconds. I personally love SWAT and I am actually better at it than any other game type. I had a game where I went 20-3 and a had a streak of 18. This game type comes easier to me, but for many players it will be very hard. (Your either really good or not so good, not so much in between all the time)

Halo Reach SWAT Tips PART 1

1. Since you have no radar in swat you should be aware of your surroundings. Try and take points where you can see a lot of the map. Over watch the areas and look for other players. This is important because having the first shot on SWAT can make a significant difference. Find the best places on a given map and defend that area. Don't stay there to long if your not finding enemies, but use those positions as much as possible.

2.Do not rush on SWAT! If you mindlessly walk around swat you will be killed. Other players will scope you out and take you out. If you need to go through a large area try strafing while looking at points of interests. Other players may be see you from vantage points such as roofs,top of stairs, or other structures. Even when your out in the open or below a certain area, make sure you strafe and look out for the other team. This is especially true if you get a TERRIBLE spawn point.

3. Watch your flank! In swat, most people who come up behind you will have a high chance of killing you. There may be some instances when they miss and you turn around and shoot them, but its not likely. If you are over watching a point and do not see any one for a while they may be attempting to flank you. Check behind you at intervals. Other players may be coming up stair cases on the sides, elevator, jump shoots, or other structures and devices.

4. No scope when close or in medium range. This is very important because if you zoom in when your to close you may not be able to move the scope fast enough to get a head shot. Its also much faster to eliminate multiple enemies by no scoping rather than zooming in. Zoom in only when players are long range or medium-long.

5. Only sprint when in danger! A common mistake a player may run into is sprinting to much. You can not shoot and sprint, and may be heard by heavy breathing. The player could also be caught off guard when going around a corner and gets shot when he stops sprinting. Sprint only when being shot from an unknown location to seek possible cover.

This concludes the first part of SWAT tips. There will be a few more inPart 2. Remember Swat is much different from slayer and you must play accordingly. Having no shields makes a huge difference so keep that in mind. Its easier to kill players, BUT its just as easy for you to be taken out as well.


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    • profile image

      Fasterpayload 05 5 years ago

      Your tips are fine if you want a few kills. You have to know the map too. Like in reflection most the battles end up on top of the elevator. and when you have the top when they attck from one side and die they will most likely come up the oppistie side the next time it is a tendancy

    • profile image

      Dano 6 years ago

      some of these tips are good the only thing i disagree with is the rushing, in some areas you can rush, for example if one of your teamates takes out three of the other teams players rush. There is another tip for you, go into forge world and find out all the spawns, this is how i know where you are all the time i know where to rusha and how hard to push, you also have to know how to spawn trap, swat is more then just a game thats why i play swat for MLG and i also play in the MLG playlist professionaly. who says games cant make money, if any1 would like help with learning how to play swat and all the tips seek out uncommonice225 that would be me i would be happy to help you out

    • profile image

      devin 7 years ago

      1 time i got 49 kills in swat

    • readthispants profile image

      readthispants 7 years ago from My Happy Place

      Great hub, voted up! SWAT I find a lot of the time can be a luck of the draw, who finds who first. But great tips, definitely going to be helpful. Check out my hub...

    • profile image

      bobh 7 years ago


    • profile image

      cons11 7 years ago

      nice hub, i've not actually been able to play halo reach yet but should be getting it soon, thanks for the tips!!

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Yeah, rushing in SWAT can be good in some circumstances, but the reason i say not to is mainly because if your rush blindly the other team may get an advantage if there just waiting for you.(scoping you out or watching hallways etc..)

      Thanks for your comment, I'll check your hubs out.

    • josh xD profile image

      josh xD 7 years ago from Hartlepool, United Kingdom

      Hey, a nice little Hub you got going here. You should check out my Hubs, particually the Halo Reach Ban System oppinion one. Leave feedback and rate please.

      Anyway, i agree with some of these tips, but some i do break, for example the "dont rush on swat", i kind of disagree, i rush ALOT of swat and come out with the most kills alot of the time. Rushing on swat is a good method and the other team alot of the time dont even expect it. Rush, camp, rush, camp... and on and on, works like a charm. Anyway good hub:)