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Halo Reach Team Slayer Tips

Updated on August 26, 2012

Halo Reach Team Slayer (Classic)

The main game type of the Halo franchise has always been team slayer. Team Slayer is normally the most played game type compared to all the others. Halo reach has classic team slayer and other modes such as Elite Slayer. Classic slayer pits 4vs4 teams that all have shields and can choose a load out of their choose. Team slayer does require a lot of team work normally. Unlike other game types such as SWAT, it can be hard to take out multiple enemies by yourself. Its best to have a collaboration of shooting from your team mates when tackling multiple opponents.Mainly in part because everyone has shields and health to take down. It can really suck when team mates leave the game and you are stuck solely by yourself. Its often better to play with a group of friends and search matchmaking. This way you'll have a team you can trust instead of random players.

This hub will outline basic tips in order to do your best in Team Slayer(classic). These will help the player "in most circumstances", but not all. Use these as a foundation for your Halo Reach experience as there are much more than what will be explained in this hub.

1. Know your maps well. Finding the best locations on the maps is key to doing well. It may be a good idea to find out where the spawn points are so you drive in the right direction (not saying to spawn camp). Its just a good idea to find hiding points and vantage points on the map to help you play better. There are not a ton of maps on Halo Reach so it should not be to difficult to get a good photographic memory in your mind.

2. Weapon Locations need to be found. This sort of goes along with no. 1, but finding the power weapons is a smart idea in team slayer. Everyone has shields so finding an energy sword or a rocket launcher may be a good idea. Find out where they spawn and remember it. When the match starts you may want to go to these locations and pick them up. If the opposing team gets one of them do not fret as these weapons will eventually respawn again so do not forget!

Halo Reach Team Slayer tips

3. Throw grenades in big groups of enemies . When more than one enemy is in front of you, it may be smart to throw a couple grenades to weaken their shields and go in with the assault rifle. For farther targets, aim higher with the grenades and then use the battle rifle since the assault rifle does not get good long range. You can avoid confrontation throwing grenades from a distance and finishing them off without them hurting you as much. This way your team score goes up and they don't get a chance to kill you as easily. Confronting to many enemies at once may lead you to get a kill or two, but your chances of surviving being outnumbered goes down.

4. Watch your friendly fire. This is actually more important than most realize. Even if you don't kill your teammate, accidentally shooting them weakens them and allows the enemies to take them out. Don't throw grenades into a big group either if your team mates are in the way. You may get some kills, but it is only being "counter productive" if your team mates also die.

5. Call out enemy positions on the mic. When you get killed, sometimes its good to call out enemy positions. These can include saying "on my x", meaning that there's an enemy close by where your head marker is located. Calling out enemy sniper positions is also very valuable for your team mates. Some people may not have mics so this does not always work. Playing with players on your friends list may be more ideal.


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    • profile image

      Carlosfugazzi 5 years ago

      I told my mates that the enemy was "on my x" and they had no clue what I was talking about.

      Thanks for making me look stupid.

    • profile image

      Helplessbeef3 6 years ago

      Do NOT pay attention to number 2 unless you are either very skilled or a complete moron. Going for the power weapons straight away will either get you killed or targetted. Most players go for them, so you will pretty much always end up in a huge firefight. It can also be very frustrating if you set your sights on a power weapon, and you team mate gets in instead. And even if you do get the power weapon early on in the game, the other team will either target you or avoid you. If they target you, you're screwed. If they avoid you, you wont be able to find them and will end up with like three kills.

      All in all, only go for the power weapons if you're skilled enough to get them and survive bieng targetted by the enemy (and that's a lot harder to do than it sounds.)