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Halo Reach Team Slayer tips Part 2

Updated on September 2, 2011

Team Slayer tips

This is part 2 of Halo Reach Team slayer tips. This will include a few more tips and strategies to do your best in team slayer. Keep in mind the maps, player skill level, and other factors can contribute how well you do. Sometimes team mates will leave your game and leave you outnumbered. There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent this from happening sometimes. Of course playing with friends can eliminate this. Many people leave the game because they don't like a specific map. Thus they back out before the match even begins. These things will occur no matter what so don't worry if you have a bad match because your outnumbered. Being outnumbered does not mean you'll have a bad game, but it usually does. Player skill levels also vary on Halo Reach a lot. From casual players who want to have fun to highly skilled players who seem to carry their team to win. Those people who get 20+ kills in a team slayer match....

6. Double Beat Down? On some occasions double melee can work. When your in very close quarters with an enemy and have to reload this may be a last resort tactic. This will work as long as they don't back off and you can get close to them.

Take this scenario for an example:Your playing a match of team slayer and just eliminated one player with an assault rifle,(need to reload) and another enemy is right in front of you. Melee them and melee them again quickly. Perhaps its a good idea to run towards them and jump to avoid a few shots. This may fail to work if the enemy backs up after you melee the first time. Sometimes they will back into a wall and it can be easy to double beat down them. Double melee can sometimes be a better idea than reloading, but it mainly works on close quarters areas cause hitting them a second time can be difficult in wide open areas as they are out of range.

7. Take enemies to the grave with you. Even if you know your going to die because of low health, throw grenades on the ground. After you die, the grenades surrounding your body may take out the players who killed you. This is a good tactic because your breaking even in score. They kill you, but you get a "kill them from the grave award". The same goes with sticky grenades...If an opposing player gets very close and is about to eliminate you, stick them with a sticky grenade. In Halo Reach team slayer, taking advantage of these opportunities and being aggressive is wise.

Halo Reach Team Slayer tips cont.

8. Using Armor lock to live longer . Armor lock can save your life if your about to die. Use this when your shields get taken out or your outnumbered. This can also be good to use when someone has a melee weapon or throws grenades. Keep in mind that you will be immobilized(can't move) when using this. The best way to make this ability effective is to have your team mates eliminate your enemies when your in armor lock. This way you can avoid death and won't give the other team a point.

9. Use active camo when using stealthy weapons. Active Camo can be very effective when your sniping or have melee weapons. This allows you to go invisible for a period of time. This works very well with the energy sword. Going invisible for a period of time and sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies from behind or taking them from surprise from the front even. Active camo can also be good for escaping. Perhaps your low on health and activate this ability and run off to avoid exposure to the enemies. Keep in mind that other players can still see you a little bit. Its most easy to be sighted when your very close though.

10. Crouch to be hidden on radar. This in my opinion is the best advice to anyone who is on a close to medium range map. Crouching allows you to be invisible on radar. This is also good to use when also using active camo, so your not only invisible by sight, but by radar too. Crouching is a good idea when your shields are recovering so enemies don't find you as easy. Surprising unsuspecting enemies can be done when they come around corridors and such. Crouch whenever your shields need to be recovered or your waiting for an enemy around the corner!


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    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 

      7 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Nice Tips, I wrote a hub about some tips and tricks as well.

      voted up and awesome.


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