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Halo Wars 2 release date information

Updated on July 8, 2014

if there were to be a Halo Wars 2 release date, the game would look like an upgraded version of this.

A covenant army battles it out with UNSC forces on Halo Wars the game.
A covenant army battles it out with UNSC forces on Halo Wars the game. | Source

Release date overview

Halo Wars was up there as one of the most popular console-based RTS games available, and if there was a sequel it would surely be the most popular console-based RTS game out there. Unfortunately, like Age of Empires 4, Halo Wars 2 has no set release date because the developer of the original was disbanded by Microsoft in 2009.

It's unknown what intentions Microsoft has with Halo Wars, and nobody knows if they want the idea dead, or if they have plans to bring Halo Wars back to life. Halo Wars was the last game made by Ensemble Studios, which still makes it a potential candidate for a sequel.

Another army battle from Halo Wars


Where does that leave us?

While Microsoft doesn't seem to have any intentions of making a Halo Wars 2, nobody can actually know for certain for at least another year or two. Some have theorized that they might be making it for the Xbox One, while others claim that they will not make Halo Wars 2, end of story.

No one rumor can be laid to rest until Microsoft either steps up, or doesn't step at all. Halo Wars 2 would be a well received game in the hands of many, which would be a good investment for Microsoft. Sadly nobody really knows exactly what's going on behind the doors of Microsoft, but hopefully Halo Wars 2 will become a reality sometime in the near future.

A building being destroyed in Halo Wars

Halo Wars sold over one million copies worldwide.
Halo Wars sold over one million copies worldwide. | Source

So in summary

Halo Wars 2 could possibly hit the shelves sometime between 2014 and 2016, but at this point nobody really knows. As of right now the air is only full of rumors of Microsoft's sequel. Based on evidence and current knowledge either Microsoft is going to make Halo Wars 2 sometime soon, or don't get your hopes up for seeing one at all.

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Halo Wars - Xbox 360
Halo Wars - Xbox 360

Halo Wars is one of the few, good, real-time-strategy games for video game consoles. Halo Wars was developed by Ensemble Studios, published by Microsoft, and was the best selling console-based real-time-strategy game to date.


What did you think about Halo Wars?

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    • profile image

      evan 4 years ago

      They should make a halo wars 2.with makeable pelicans and Spartan squads.this game would not only make them a fortune but give smiles to those who have been waiting a long time

    • profile image

      tim 4 years ago

      yea except of halo 3, halo wars is the best 360 game

    • profile image

      Matthew 4 years ago

      Its been an awesome game and i would love it if they made a sequel

    • profile image

      Sebastian 4 years ago

      I really hope they make a Halo Wars 2. It's may favourite xbox game by far.