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Hambo - New Puzzle Shooter Videogame For Android and iOS

Updated on June 3, 2012

Bacon-ize Your Enemies and Save Bacon Your Best Friend

Arm yourself as Hambo and save your friend Bacon from pesky pig swine. Hambo plays exactly like the first Angry Birds videogame. You aim your projectiles at hordes of enemy pigs to complete levels and gain coins. Conquering levels with less bullets and less time earns you a gold medal and bonus coins which can be used to redeem new costumes, items, or to bypass those hard to complete levels.

Aim With Your Left Thumb and Shoot With Your Right Thumb

Hambo is packed with weaponry made for sizzling those pigs into cans of spam, boars head, bacon strips, ribs, and other delectables. Miniclip combines humor and fun together so perfectly that you'll want all your bullets from Hambo to turn all his enemy piggies into bacon strips. An occasional hamburger will pop out here and there, depending on your aim and angle.

Continuous Action and Smooth Controls Boosts The Replay Factor

Every level is different and unique, some easy, while others might be too difficult to complete, even for the average gamer. To maximize the fun of Hambo, gamers start with a pistol and later can unlock an uzi capable of firing multiple bullets and each unlocked weapon, there's fire arrows too, adds to the fun factor of this game. The best part is trying to get that gold medal after completing each level.


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