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Buy Harry Potter Broomsticks - Potter Brooms for Costumes and Collectors

Updated on June 26, 2011

Harry Potter Brooms and Broomsticks galore

The Harry Potter Broomstick collection here falls into a very affordable selection of licensed and unlicensed Harry Potter brooms equally suitable for props with Harry Potter Halloween Costumes, Interactive Toys for your children and collectors items for The Harry Potter fans in your life.

Also good for a game of Quidditch, that is as long as you are not a Muggle.

Surprisingly, full size Harry Potter Broomsticks fall in the very affordable range of only $15 -$25 USD!

Specific broom models from the Harry Potter books and movies are available, including The Nimbus 2000 and the Firebolt.

Models vary from expensive licensed Movie replica brooms available from Skymall or simple generic witch brooms available on eBay

Harry Potter Broom for Children and Adults

If you are an adult selecting a broom as an accessory to your Harry Potter inspired costume , keep in mind the power of props as icebreakers in social situations.

If you are selecting the broom as an accessory for a childs costume, keep in mind this rather small investment will be a continued source of amusement for your young Harry Potter fan, this is not something you can commonly say for Halloween costume expenditure, pick a hardier and more solid broom if this is the case.


Harry Potter Broom for Costumes
Harry Potter Broom for Costumes

Harry Potter Brooms and Broomsticks for Costume Accessories

Harry Potter Model Brooms

The high caliber Noble Collection still has a small collection of these movie replica brooms . They were created in a limited quantity and are available in the single digits!

Harry Potter Collectible Model Broom

Harry Potter NIMBUS 2001 MODEL BROOM
Harry Potter NIMBUS 2001 MODEL BROOM

Diecast miniature replica. Measures 13 inches. Complete with display as shown


Harry Potter Set Memorabilia - Prop Cards

The DP1 Quidditch Quaffle and Bludgers/ Broom Bristles double prop (SS) x/190 from The Harry Potter Trading cards series includes a rare insert that has an actual piece of the Haryy Potter Broom from The Harry Potter Movies!

Harry Potter Replica Brooms

These are officially licensed scale replicas of the actual Nimbus 2001 Broom featured in the harry Potter Movies, these are rare and rarely in stock in collectible stores.

IF it appears below in stock at eBay then you are appearing at a lucky time.

They are 57" in length, sturdy and true to the exact detail! 

Harry Potter Quiddich Costumes for Children and Adults

When dressing as Harry Potter you have a few basic choices in how to present your self and still be authentic and recognizable.

If you have chosen to carry a broomstick with you, then your best form of Harry Potter would be in full Quidditch Garb. This will be the most authentic and will be the least common Harry Potter costume in the party or on the block.

To complete the Quidditch Harry Potter look , one should also pick up a helmet and goggles. 

Harry Potter Brooms and Props
Harry Potter Brooms and Props
SSSSSSSSS `IIIIII ~IIII       `~~ '~~~~~`        IIIIIf .IIIII  <SSSSSSS

                     :oOOo:                   :oO8O:                   
                  :O8O:                           oO8o                 
                O8O:                                 :OO:             
              o8o                                      :8o             
             88:                                         O8:           
           o8o                                            :8o         
          8O:                                               oO         
         8o                                                  oO       
        8o                                                    Oo       
      :8o                                              :      :8:     
     :8:                                               :       :8:     
    :8:                                               :o        oO     
    O::o                                              oo         8:   
   :o:ooO                                             oo         o8   
   8    oo                                            :o          8o   
  oo     8o                                            OO:        :8   
  8      o8:                                            O8O:       8: 
 :o      :88                                             :8O       :O 
 o:     ::88:                                             O8        8 
 8       888:                                             O8o       O 
:8       :88:                                             888Ooo:   oo 
oo       oO8:                                             888888o   :O 
Oo       O88           :oO88O:            oO88Oo:         O8888O    :O 
O:  ::   :88      :oO888888888:          8888888888OOo:    8888:    :O 
O:  :o    8o   o88888888888888:          88888888888888O:   o88     :O 
Oo   oo  oO  o888888888888888O           8888888888888888o   88     :O 
:O    O: oo  8888888888888888:          o88888888888888888   88     :O 
 8    :o:8:  8888888888888888:::         :8888888888888888  o888o:::8O 
 O:   :88:   O88888888888888888           O888888888888888  o88888888O 
  o   :8O    o888888888888888O            O88888888888888O   88888888o 
  O:  :8:    88888888888888O:      :      O888888888888888   O8888888: 
  :O  :8     88888888888888       o88:    :o88888888888888    8888888 
   OoooO    :8888888888O:8o      :8O88       :O8888888888o     O888oo 
    888:     8888888o:  8O       :8o88O         O888888O:          :   
    :88       oOOo:   :O:        :8:888          8o                   
     88              o:          88oO88o      :: :oo            :     
     88::               oo      O88O:888o    O8o:   :   ::     : :     
     8o o:                     o88oo O888    :8        :88   :: ::     
     oO  oo     o              O8o : O888     :o       oO8o ::  O     
      O:  Oo  ::o              OO    OO :             :oO88 O::O:     
       O  :8: :88o             OO    Oo             :O888O  8OO:       
       oo  Oo  O888o           :O:o:  :            o8888o  :O         
        :O888  :88888           :o  Oo            o8888o   8:         
           :8:  O8888               8            :O888O   :8           
            Oo  :8888               o             :888    :O           
            :O   o888  ::                         o88:    Oo           
            :O    O88OO8oOOoOOoOooOooOOOOOOOOOO88O88O     O:           
            OO     888:: o :o: o  o   O: 8: O o::o 8:     8           
           :8O     :88o:  :    :  :      ::        8      O           
           O8o      Oo:8oo:    :          :   :::oo8     :O           
           88o      Oo O :ooOOOoOO:OO   :8O:O O  o O     :O           
           88o      Oo :      o:o: :o    Oo : :  o       :O           
           88O       :oo:oo:o o :  :: oo :: o O::o       o:           
           888         :::::oO8O8OoO8O88oOOoo:         :Oo             
            O88Oo::               ::                  :O               
             :oO8888o                               :Oo               
                 :o88o                      oo    o8O:                 
                    O8o                     Oo  o88o                   
                     o8O     Oo    o           o88                     
-hrr-                 :88o        O:          O88                     
                        O88o     :8o        o88O                       


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    • profile image

      gary peter carroll 

      7 years ago

      i always want one of realy harry potter broomsick and a wand so much in my heart because it is my dream to ge them both so much

    • profile image

      jennifer haley 

      8 years ago

      i love the magical broomsticks to flying every school days .

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 

      8 years ago from Maryland

      These are so cool!

    • LeanMan profile image


      8 years ago from At the Gemba

      It is a real pity that they do not fly like the real ones, where can I buy a real one not a replica?

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 

      8 years ago from Northern, California

      Wouldn't it be a blast to play a game of Quidditch for real? Zooming around on a Nimus 2001, trying get a grip on the illusive snitch! A few broomstick lessons would be in order here, I am certain. How cool to complete a Harry Potter Halloween costume with one of these! Fun read SF!



    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      They are great. A wonderful selection.


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