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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Guide - The Burning Red Bell!

Updated on May 31, 2013
Finn, you should look a bit closer...
Finn, you should look a bit closer...

And, time for Part 3! if this guide is accurate, which is only a possibility, then you should be ready to begin ringing the bells! We're going to start off with Alan's bell! Now, I doubt you actually stopped playing just in anticipation of this guide. If you did, what is wrong with you? I can't keep using this joke forever, you know. Keep in mind that you have much more to do than ringing the Harvest Sprites' bells. For now, I hope you've been running through the first ten levels of the mines as possible, because you'll need some ores. First, let's head back down there and take a look to see if Owen finished busting that giant rock.

He did! He's not so bad after all! And would you look at that? There's the red bell frame! Boy, this is turning out to be pretty easy. Or so we think. Alan? Are you there buddy? He's not. In fact, you've probably already noticed that the bell isn't there, either. There's only two of the five that are in place, you'll find. So where could Alan's bell be? Well, maybe Owen will know. He had to have seen the red bell frame when he broke the rock, right?

The Missing Bell...

Well, you won't get much information from Owen. If you still want to talk and make friends with him for whatever reason, be my guest...or get it. Anyway, go into the blacksmith's shop despite talking to Owen to no avail. You'll find Ramsey has seen the bell, and knows exactly what you're talking about! But he hasn't seen it anywhere. He does, however, mention that Chloe found something new in the mines, and suggests you go find her. There's only one problem. He hasn't seen “Hide or hair” out of his granddaughter since she got her new toy. I'm sure we can find her somewhere, right? She's a kid. How far can she get on her little feet?

Well, thankfully for you, not very far. Turns out, she's a few buildings down playing kick the can with Owen and Bo. Here's where the complication begins, and you may want to strangle a little girl for the first time in your life. That can they're about to kick turns out to be none other than the red bell. Quick, we should go and get it! You're not quick enough. Those little feet kick Alan's bell all the way up into the blacksmith's chimney, getting poor Alan stuck in there. Don't worry, Finn is just as P.O.'d as you should be. Chloe seems pretty satisfied with herself...little b...moving on! She introduces herself, and you explain how you need the bell. When all is said and done, you head into the blacksmith's shop, and Ramsey confirms for you that it's indeed stuck.

Look! There it is! This wasn't hard at all!
Look! There it is! This wasn't hard at all!
Ah, crap...
Ah, crap...

Well, at least we found it...

There's not much Ramsey can do to get it out, unfortunately. It would appear that he doesn't have any means of cleaning his chimney, but you don't need to know that part, do you? Hold the phone, guys. There may yet be a way to get that bell out! Ramsey mentions that if he can get a variety of ores, he may be able to create a burst of smoke powerful enough to fire the bell out of the chimney for you! This is why I told you to save those ores if you've been wasting your time. He needs one of the first four ores necessary for tool upgrades. He'll need iron ore, copper ore, silver ore, and gold ore. Thankfully, you don't need to refine them into Metal. You'll find out why when you actually try it.

If you didn't get all of the ores ready before beginning this task, don't worry yourself too much. It may take an extra day or so, but you can find all of the ores in the first ten levels of the Garmon lower mine, which happens to be the only mine available to you right now. I found there was plenty of silver to be found while I was playing through this quest. It may be different for you, but you'll still be able to ship or refine any excess ores you may come across. Don't hesitate to take your time, as this one isn't hard compared to the others. That, and Harvest Moon is a mellow game to begin with.

When you're doing this one, and want to use your stamina wisely, don't worry about the white crystals, or the blue-ish rocks. those are respectively gems, used to refine for extra profit, and Material stone, which you'll need to upgrade your farm.
When you're doing this one, and want to use your stamina wisely, don't worry about the white crystals, or the blue-ish rocks. those are respectively gems, used to refine for extra profit, and Material stone, which you'll need to upgrade your farm.

The Gathering (of ore)

Also, on some occasions, you'll find a little mole in the mines. If you hit him with your hammer, he'll scurry away, leaving behind an item. If you're lucky, he'll leave you a bodigizer XL, which will fully restore your stamina, and can save you from many a passing out. Other items he'll leave behind include Toadstools (red mushrooms), normal mushrooms, Pontata Root (used to make medicine), or the occasional other types of medicine such as stay awake, or remedy, which cures the effects of Gases in the mines. That's another thing to look out for, gases. They have different colors, patterns and effects, but the one's you'll want to be particularly weary of will be the orange, yellow, and purple gases. These are respectively Darkness gases, which limit your vision to just one square away, Sickness/sleeping Gases, which speak for themselves, and confusion gases, which reverse your movement controls so that up is down, left is right, and things like that.You'll find other gases like healing gases, speed altering gases, and power-up gases, but the first three are the troublesome ones.

Now that you've got all four ores, you can take them to Ramsey. Of course, if you don't find all the ores in one run of the mines, you'll have to wait until the next day, or regain some stamina (those common mushrooms you find will definitely help). You can still give Ramsey whichever ores you do have, though. Once he has one of all four ores, he will begin. You and Chloe will head outside to try to catch the bell as it pops out. You manage to do just that, and Chloe let's you keep the bell. Chloe's a nice girl, except when she kicked it like a toy in the first place. But we're adults, right? Now that you have the bell, everyone suddenly goes inside for no apparent reason! Alan takes this opportunity to come out of the bell and introduce himself after a coughing fit. That smoke sure is smoky, huh?

Sure is, Alan...
Sure is, Alan...

Alan will want you to take his bell back to its frame. Finn wonders why he can't ring it now (silly Finn) but doesn't get an answer. Oh well, not much else to do but take the bell down to the frame. When you get down there, hold out the bell and check the frame. The cutscene will begin, and Alan still has hope that he can complete his mission! What a trooper! You'll be presented with some options about what the mission is. The other two options are something silly, but I'm usually picking “Ring the (color) bell” just because it seems obvious. If you want to be satirical about it, go ahead. Fair warning, though. I've got no idea what happens. Anyway, he'll chant something to the bell, and it will ring proudly with what is one of the mos beautiful tunes I've heard so far. These tunes seriously made me fight tears. Then again, I've mentioned before that I'm a wuss, so take it or leave it.

Either way it goes, you just rang the first of the five bells, and are one step closer to saving the Harvest goddess, the people who live here, and quite possibly the entire world! You've also just restored the power of fire to the people. You can now use the hot springs you find around the place. These restore your stamina, but you can only use them once per day. You will also find people are cooking food now! And you can even get your tools upgraded as high as silver quality! Now that you can use fires, why don't you go and enjoy yourself for a bit? There's a hot spring by your farm, so keep that in mind. You can also now reach the upper Garmon Mine, as well as the lower 20 levels of the lower Garmon Mine. If you want, you can go ahead and go let Pheobe know how much her parents are worrying about her, and, if you were lucky enough to stumble on some rare ore (which I doubt, but people have luck) you can give it to her for some bonus hearts. It's not the only thing she likes, but it's a definite plus.

Next, we're going to take care of Ben and his bell. He's actually already at his frame in the Watery Cave, the third of the three mines. We'll need to help him in order to unlock the next set of marriage candidates: Luna, Selena, Jin, and Gill. Though, if memory serves me right, you only meet Gill, and can't actually talk to him or find him until you ring the green bell. But we'll worry about that later. In the meantime, see you guys soon!


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