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Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley Review

Updated on August 19, 2011

Hero of Leaf Valley is a pleasurable experience for new and old fans of the previous PSP game series, as there is so much to discover. Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley is must for Harvest Moon fans and is a enjoyably satisfying experience for those who want to get turning their struggling farm into a booming success, save the town, make friends and live a happy life.

In Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, your hero receives a farm located in Leaf Valley from his recently departed grandfather. Sooner than he can gather his things and go back home, he is contacted by three Harvest sprites and the Harvest Goddess who all ask him to do a favor and help them. Something terrible can happen, the town is threatened to be destroyed by a company that needs the land in order to build an amusement park called Funland. Even though your hero has no farming knowledge and has literally just arrived in the area, he has two years to stop all this: his task is to collect $50,000 to prevent this horrible event, otherwise the beautiful land is doomed.

Anyway, no matter how you will save the land, you'll need to work unusual jobs, plant crops and raise animals in order to make money and keep up a comfortable lifestyle. Fishing, mining for ores, chopping down trees for lumber, tending to livestock are only some of the basic ways to make some money in Leaf Valley.

Working is only half the way, however. In order to get anywhere in this town, you need to make nice relationship with your neighbors. Give them gifts from your farm and they will be friendlier towards you as well. Building constructive relationships with people from the same town also opens up the previous mentioned side storylines to help out saving the town.

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley - Sony PSP Game
Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley - Sony PSP Game

Another nice aspect of this PSP game that reduces some of the replication found in the previous series is your adorable dog. In some earlier Harvest Moon games, the dog has given you none of the benefits that your other animals should. Well, you have to woo a stray dog to make it as your pet. Once the dog is yours and you develop a very good relationship, you can train your dog various tricks. For example, you dog can even dig up buried items for you that you can then sell for money. So, the dog is no longer worthless, now he is earning his living on the farm.

Like other previous Harvest Moon games, more personal action sequences will become available once Leaf Valley has been saved, and you can finally marry one of the ladies who live in the town, or even the Harvest Goddess. Although this portion of the game is a entertaining addition, and it adds some repeat importance for those who like to experience all the dating possibilities.

It is a charming PSP game that you play with great pleasure every day. Once you begin it’s hard to stop and will say: Only just one more day, then I will stop.

Closing Comment taken from Playstation: The Official Magazine (US) [Aug 2010, p.85]: "Still, whenever we need a break from all the shooters out there, Hero of Leaf Valley is a charming way to sit for a spell and watch our crops grow".

PSP Game: Harvest Moon Hero of Leave Valley. Gameplay


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