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Haunt The House Free Online Game Review

Updated on November 12, 2010

Haunt the House is a fun ghost game available on Armor Games. The premise of the story is simple. You are a ghost with a big mansion that you like to keep to yourself, but unfortunately, a few irritating humans (thirty of them, to be precise) have decided to hold a part in your mansion. You mission, as a ghost, or rather, as a poltergeist, is to possess various objects in the house and scare the party goers into running out the front door. Sounds simple enough, right?

In some ways it is, Haunt the House has a very simple control system, simply press space to possess an item, and then mash the up, down, left and right buttons for various effects. Effects can be subtle, like spinning plates on a wall, or quite obviously terrifying, like a full length dining room table that gets up and starts floating around the room.

You begin the game with limited powers of possession, but as you scare more and more partygoers, you are able to create more terrifying effects.

The game would be easy, if it were not for two things that make it interesting on one hand, and frustrating on the other. If you scare the party goers too much, they won't run for the front door. Instead they'll hurl themselves out a window and die - which counts against your total.You therefore have to temper the amount of fear they feel and herd them out the front door.

The second element that makes this game rather challenging is the fact that the partygoers won't automatically run for the front door. A woman scared by a stuffed bear coming to life and flailing at her with clawed paws doesn't run out of the house, she dives down into a basement, where she's already seen an ironing board get up and walk.

Essentially, you have to push the party goers around the place and herd them where you want to go. There's no way of actually stopping them from going the wrong way however, and this problem becomes exacerbated (or perhaps simply more obvious) as you weed out the herd. When you're down to your last five or so party goers, the game becomes something of a grind of haunting, with party goers blithely ignoring floating bathtubs, but becoming terrified at a cupboard opening and closing.

Still, aside from a few frustrations in the finer execution, the game is able to be finished within the spans of most people's patience. I say this because I have incredibly short patience, a long introductory cut scene alone can make me pass over a game, so any normal person should therefore enjoy themselves if I managed to finish something. I finished the game in just under half an hour, so it's a mercifully short play through in that sense at least.


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