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Hearthstone: Budget Divine Aggro Paladin

Updated on October 6, 2015

This aggro Paladin utilize divine shield affix for consistent board presence. Having higher minion survivability means your opponents take more effort to stop your deck’s aggressiveness.

Like any other Aggro deck, strategy is the same. The deck will aggressively race your opponent for damage.

Card List

Avenge 2x

Most of your opponent will be busy killing your minions so it is easy to triggers the effect of this secret. The card is both cheap and effective buff at the same time.

Blessing of Might 2x

It’s the same old school strategy when playing this card. Use it on Argent Squire, Shielded Minibot, and Argent Horserider since those card have better survivability than other minions on your deck. The card is also a mana wise buff to Arcane Golem for executing a killing blow.

Abusive Sergeant 2x

This card is a good early game gizmo for gaining the upper hand. You can also utilize this card to finish off early game taunt enemies like buffing it to Argent Squire to finish off Ironfur Grizzly. Also complements well with Arcane Golem for executing an inexpensive killing blow.

Argent Squire 2x

One of the main advantages of this card is it can effectively trade off with other aggro decks.

Equality 1x

Taunt minions with high amount of defense can be really annoying to Aggro decks. This card comes handy in those situations.

Annoy-o-Tron 2x

From the card name itself, Annoy-o-Tron can annoy your fellow Aggro opponents. Buffing this card with Blessing of Kings is also a good idea to gain offense and defense advantage.

Ironbeak Owl 1x

Having Ironbeak Owl comes handy when a minion like Sludge Belcher is preventing you to make the final killing blow.

Knife Juggler 2x

This card will always be a threat to your opponent especially if you combine it with Muster for Battle. And since this is a Paladin Deck, Knife Juggler will never run out of knives to throw due to hero power Reinforce. A simple tip, use Annoy-o-Tron to basically protect this card from non targeting attacks.

Shielded Minibot 2x

As of today, Shielded Minibot is still the most effective 2 to cast minion. With its early board presence, you gain the upper hand whether it plays aggressive or for trading off with other minions. Combine it with buff cards like Blessing of Might or Blessing of Kings and your opponent will have a hard time.

Divine Favor 2x

Crucial for this deck since you will always run out of cards due to deck’s low mana curve. This is a must for every Paladin Aggro deck.

Muster for Battle 2x

You can use this immediately if no cards to play on turn 3. Or better wait to play Knife Juggler first for maximum efficiency. Whatever you choose, Muster for Battle is the bread and butter of this deck.

Seal of Champions 2x

This is very helpful for gaining board advantage when you have no choice but to trade off with tougher minions. The card is combination of Blessing of Might and Hand of Protection making it a 2 in1 tool. With this card on Arcane Golem, you can take down a taunt type Druid of the Claw while having a chance for another blow next turn.

Arcane Golem 2x

The card’s role is to execute killing blow during mid to late game. Buffing it with cards such as Abusive Sergeant, Blessing of Might, Blessing of Kings and Seal of Champions makes this deadlier.

Words of advice never use it on early game unless you have no choice. Doing it gives your opponent the upper hand to control you.

Argent Horserider 2x

Utilize this card if you need a quick way to take down minions or for pushing down opponents immediately. The card has the Divine Shield advantage so it has chance to attack again next turn after a trade off. Like Arcane Golem, this card is best played with buffs on it.

Blood Knight 1x

The most suited way to play this card is for countering your opponents Divine Shield minions like their Shielded Minibot, Anoy-o-Tron, etc.

Another effective way to use this card is if you are lucky to draw this and Argent Squire from turn 1. It gives you high possibility to have a 6/6 minion on turn 3.

Blessing of Kings 2x

This card is the most powerful buff in your arsenal. It can make an aggressive minion harder to take down.

Consecration 1x

There will be lots of situations that you will need this card like for countering fellow Aggro opponents.

Card Swaps

You can swap your 2 Abusive Sergeant and 2 Annoy-o-Tron from the cards below.

Leper Gnome 2x

Most will insist adding Leper Gnome in this deck since it’s an aggro. And I totally agree. Leper Gnome is the most painful 1 to cast minion. And most aggro deck has it.

Now you will ask why I don’t have Leper Gnome in this deck. I tell you, if only I have more space to include this card, I will. But I need to prioritize cards that I believe will synergize well to Divine Shield concept of this deck.

Truesilver Champion 2x

This is an effective weapon to clear an opponent’s minion while negating some its damage via heal. You can also utilize this to push your opponent hard.

Wolfrider 2x

3 to cast for an instant 3 damage attack. Buff it for a serious damage just like any other charge minion in this deck.

Blessed Champion 1x

Combine this with your other buff cards to multiply its damage.

Defender of Argus 1x

Defender of Argus can force enemy minions to go toe to toe with your shielded minions.

In case you are lucky enough to obtain the expensive cards below.

Echoing Ooze 2x

One of the best card to buff since it will multiply at the end of turn when you first play it.

Quarter Master 1x

This is another card that works really well with Muster for Battle. Quarter Master can surprise your opponent by giving a good permanent boost to Silver Hand Recruits.

Leeroy Jenkins 1x

The famous Leeroy Jenkins never gets old. Summoning Leeroy Jenkins means it is over for your opponent.


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