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Hello Hero!

Updated on December 16, 2017
Ralph Castro profile image

I am a Dota, LoL, Mobile Legends, Ragnarok and Dragon Nest player. But I am not a Pro. I know I can play but I can't say I am a super good

An Epic, Fast-Paced RPG that is sweeping the globe!

HELLO HERO is a free-to-play social role playing game. It has a stunning 3D graphics, Hundreds of playable characters, Multiple Game Modes (Arena, Boss Raid, PVP, Dungeon, Normal Mission Mode), and many more features.

Information about Hello Hero from their facebook page.

"Welcome Guardians! Gather your heroes and fight for victory!

Hello Hero is a fast-paced, social, role-playing game that packs a punch! Explore the world of Armon on iOS, Android, or Facebook platforms!
You can gather and recruit over 300 wild and wacky heroes ranging from epic, claymore-wielding knights, to legendary demon lords!

Explore 200 missions on 20 continents in full 3D graphics as you fight off the evil Keronic threat, or climb up the ranks as you face off against your friends in the arena! Test your tactics as you Dungeon crawl, earn powerful buffs in Time Attack, or show your friends (or enemies!) who's boss in PVP mode!

If that wasn't enough, our players, the 'Guardians' of Armon can face off against monstrous World Bosses - either in the Boss Raids or join their friends together to form a guild and defend Armon in epic Guild Raids!

Armon is waiting for you Guardians, check it out now!"


Where to play Hello Hero?

You can play Hello Hero in your computers just log in on your Facebook account and search Hello Hero and click Play!You can also play this awesome cool game in your hand held android phones and tablets and also in any iDevices(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Just go to Play Store(for Android Phones and Tablets) and App Store(for iDevices), and search for Hello Hero and click Install to download your game on your devices!!

So how do you play this game?

I've been playing this game for one whole straight week and I can say to all of you that this game is (I don't know if I can say this word here) FREAKIN' awesome game! Yeah! This game is easy to play, it is free, it has beautiful 3D graphics, awesome in-game music, cool heroes, cool villains, and many more!

But yeah let me teach you how to play this game! ;)

There are 3 Different Servers

Server Poll

Which Server are you using?

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This is really is it

When you Click on Hello Hero, the first page you will be at is the Server Page. Here you will select the server where you want to play. TAKE NOTE that once you picked the server there is no turning back!!! NAH! Just Kidding! You can change server in the Options Page but you will start on a new journey once you change your Server.

You can choose from 3 Different Servers.

  • Keronic
  • Cucubita
  • Armon

My account is on the server Keronic. :)

UPDATE: There are now 6 total servers. The following has been added:

  • Linberk
  • Wukong
  • Balos

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Please Enter A Name

Next prompt will be on selecting your hero name. You can name it whatever you want and I think there are no rules on this just maybe the length of the name. In the picture on the right I put HubPages as the nae of the hero. It's just for showing you how it looks like.Then a confirmation will be prompted, just click on "YES" and continue on the STORY-TELLING of the world of Hello Hero.

The Story Begins...

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Once Upon A Time.....
Once Upon A Time.....
Once Upon A Time.....

Harold, the Ferocious Warrior

It all begins

As what the story is telling, you are the commander and you need to recruit heroes to fight the dark forces that takes the peace out in your world.

You will begin the story with the character named Harold, one of the Armon Guards. It was said that he is a ferocious warrior who grew up in a small town. He is also completely focused on every mission he has. He pays no attention to the women who are devoted to him.

A girl will walk you through different aspects of the game and will give you Free Heroes along the way of your tutorial. The first three free heroes will be Ophelia, a healer; Aaron Bridgnorth, an archer; and a random 3 star or a Master Character grade Hero, which will be attained when the girl gives you free 30 carats (a diamond use in buying heroes, weapons, etc. in the game).

The Healer and the Archer

In the tutorial, the girl (who looks a lot like Ophelia) will teach you the basics of the game.

The basics of the game is as follows:

  • Battle Scene
  • Skills
  • Party organizing (not the one with booze and music and the likes!)
  • Buying in the Shop
  • Entering the Dungeon
  • Participating in the Arena
  • Leveling Up
  • Fusion
  • and many others

The first thing that he will teach you is how to use your skills.

Your skills

Double click on the skill to know what does it do. Click on the skill once it cooled down to activate it.
Double click on the skill to know what does it do. Click on the skill once it cooled down to activate it.

Skills Baby!

Every hero has different skills. a low grade hero sometimes has only 1 skill while the high grade heroes has 2 skills.

Skills can be an ATTACK, BOOST/BUFF, or a HEAL.

You can combine skills to boost your attack, to decrease enemy's defense, attack, evasion, etc. It will be up to your strategy on how the skills will be of your advantage.

Click here and then..

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Organize your PARTEH! I meant PARTY!

The Ophelia-ish Girl will also teach you how to put a hero on your party. Just scroll on the hero you want to be part of your party and click JOIN PARTY and select where you want to put it.

Different emblems

Take Note!

Every hero has an emblem on the right side. These are:

  • Shield
  • Arrow (forming a circle/ rotating)
  • Fat Cross; and
  • Sword

Each emblems has different meaning and will be a help for you to know where you will put your Hero.

SHIELD - these are Tankers. It has the highest survivability, meaning it has high defense and can take a series of attacks. They are positioned in the front.

ENCIRCLING ARROW - these heroes are called Hybrids. They are very versatile in their abilities. They can be positioned anywhere.

FAT CROSS - they are the Healers. They keep your party alive or boost your party's attack, defense, evasion, etc. They are usually positioned at the back, behind the Tankers.

SWORD - they are called the Dealers. They are the strong attackers in your party. Like the Healers, positioned them behind the Tankers.

So these are the categories of every heroes, so don't forget about these!

10 Missions Every Stage

GOLD! ITEM! A Ghost?!

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Mission NOT-SO Impossible

Doing mission will give your hero experience, items, money and if you are lucky enough, a new set of heroes.

There are 10 missions every stage. You just need to kill all the pest in your way and battle the boss at the end. Every mission becomes harder and harder so don't take it easy.

At the end of every Mission, you can get Gold, Items and even a Hero.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

The HERO Page

The Hero Page is the number 6 in the photo below. It will show you the list of your Heroes. There are several mechanics located in the heroes page.

These are the following:

  • Items tab
  • Upgrade tab
  • Training Tab

ITEMS tab - show you the lists of your obtained items. Here you can equip your heroes with two different items - Attack and Defense items. You can also do Craft in the Items tab. In Craft, you will select six(6) same grade items to create an accessory of the same grade.

UPGRADE tab - here you can upgrade your hero by sacrificing another hero. It will give your hero an upgrade on its stats. Upgrading will put a "+1/+2/+3/+4/+5" on the name of your hero. The upgrade is only up to +5 but the cost is too high and the probability of upgrading the hero is too low.

TRAINING tab - shows 3 different things - Enhancement, Fuse and Mutate.

  • Enhancement
  • Fuse
  • Mutate

Home Page

I Feel Rich!!

Next thing you should know is the Shop(number 3 in the above photo)!

You earn money every mission but you can't use that to buy your hero and items. The only thing you can use in buying a hero and items are your carats and honor points.

You can accumulate both carats and honor points by doing the quest listed in the QUEST(numbers 6 and 10 in the above photo).

Killing the bosses in the dungeon may give you carats and honor points too.

You can also buy with real money(if your are filthy rich).

Click thumbnail to view full-size
QuestGuildPokedex! I meant Recruit Page! :))
Pokedex! I meant Recruit Page! :))
Pokedex! I meant Recruit Page! :))


The other things you need to know are the Quest page, Recruit Page and Guild Page.

Quest Page - shows the list of quests available and quests that you already have done.

Recruit Page - is basically the Pokedex of this Game. It shows the heroes you have already "captured", where the other heroes can be obtain, their description, etc. Basically a Pokedex.

Guild Page - Page where you can join a guild, search for a guild and do things with your guild if you already have one.

When you see this prompt....

write dadada75
write dadada75

That's all folks!

That's all I think you need to know in Hello Hero.If you have comment or suggestion just feel free to comment below. Thank you guys!

Enjoy playing Hello Hero!

My Hero name is dadada75. Feel free to add me! :)

What type of hero do you like?

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