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Hello Hero Guide: Heroes, Boss Raids, Items and More!

Updated on April 25, 2014
Hello Hero Guide
Hello Hero Guide | Source

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Hello Hero has a very cute animation and reminds me of those MMO with anime looking characters. This is precisely what Hello Hero feels like. This guide will go through all the basics and will help you in the game.

Game Play

The game mechanics is very simple. You have a set of 5 heroes, and you battle enemies in a turned based fashion.

Each hero has a special attack and you can use them. They are located at the bottom right side of the screen. Once you use them, there is a cooldown required before you can use it again. There are primarily 4 types of heroes you can recruit:

  • Dealer - Your typical high damage dealers with low health
  • Tank - Can take a lot of punishment
  • Hybrid - A bit of dealer and tank
  • Healer - Your classic healer(vital in tough fights)

For building your team, you will want a mix of damage dealing heroes with at least 1 healer. They are vital in keeping your team alive.

Unfortunately, to get the best heroes, you will have to use carats(mostly with real money) to attain them. Fret not though, I will give you a few good ways to earn carats without spending real money in a bit.

Hello Hero Battle
Hello Hero Battle | Source

Recruiting Heroes - Upgrading and Fusion

Recruiting heroes and getting the best ones is the main attraction of the game. Heroes are classified into stars. There are heroes ranging from 1 star to 6 star, with 6 being the best.

  • 1 Star(Normal)
  • 2 Star(Rare)
  • 3 Star(Master)
  • 4 Star(Epic)
  • 5 Star(Unique)
  • 6 Star(Legend)

You can upgrade or fuse heroes to better ones.


To upgrade your heroes, you will need to sacrifice another one. The upgraded Hero will have a +X at the end of its name. Once they get upgraded to +5, they can be used for fusion.


Fusing your heroes will give you a hero of a higher rarity. In order for the fusion to happen, you will need:

  • Both heroes must be level 30 and fully upgraded at +5
  • Both heroes must have the same rarity(two 2★ heroes/two 4★ heroes)

If you use a hero of the same star level to fuse, your chances are 100%. Using any hero lower than the star level will reduce its success rate. For example, using a 3 star hero to fuse a 4 star hero will have a 50% success rate.

Dungeons and Boss Raids


Taking on dungeons is a great way to earn great prizes and improve your heroes. You can get carats, items(weapons and armor) to make your hero stronger.

Each dungeon level gets progressively harder, so beating it will take some time. You are bound to get stucked on 1 level. The best way to get through it is to upgrading your heroes, making them stronger before fighting again.

Boss Raids

Every 3 days, you can take on a very strong unique monster. Currently, you get to take on either Big Nose or Pintaurus.

It is virtually impossible to kill these guys, but your goal is to damage them as much as possible. You will win prizes depending on your rank. The more damage you do, the better your rank will be. You will eventually die in battle, but always make sure to deal as much damage as possible.

Both monster have some ridiculous stats and attacks that is a headache for any party. I suggest bring full offensive heroes to fight them, so you can deal more damage.

How to Get Carats in Hello Hero

To get more carats in Hello Hero, here are some things you can do:

  1. Master your heroes - leveling them to level 30 for the first time gives 5 carats
  2. Quests - carats will be awarded after completing some quests
  3. Mining - gives 1 carat every 12 hours initially
  4. Dungeons - every few dungeon floors gives you carats
  5. Boss Raids - gives carats as well
  6. Referring people - gives you 5 carats up to a max of 30 people

If you every need 10 bonus carats when you start the game, enter "BozoMclovin" when you start the game.


There you have it guys! Hopefully this guide will help you become the best in the game! I will be adding more content as I get further into the game. If you see any mistakes in the guide, please do not hesitate to let me know by commenting below!

© 2014 Seet


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