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Hero Guide On Marvel: Avengers Alliance - Bruisers

Updated on December 21, 2012

A bulky, sturdy individual comes to mind at the mention of the term 'Bruiser'. Bruisers usually have high health and attack stat points, letting them take more damage than their allies could tolerate in combat. Every Scrapper attack on them is a boon which grants them an Enraged status. Said status can be stacked twice, greatly boosting the Attack and Defense of any Bruiser. However, their high damage threshold can be easily overcome by a Blaster's ability to deal defense-ignoring critical damage on them with every attack.


Who played the Incredible Hulk in Marvel's 2012 blockbuster film 'The Avengers'?

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The Incredible Hulk

Ability: Getting Angry (grants Hulk Up, which boosts the Hulk's strength and accuracy and can be stacked five times)

Techniques: Rage Punch, Hulk Smash, Thunderclap, Titanic Hurl

The Incredible Hulk, the epitome of sheer strength, and also the most powerful Bruiser I've had the pleasure of employing. In this case, you should love him every time he gets angry, considering he's got a painfully low accuracy which is only compensated by his painfully high attack.The Hulk's Getting Angry ability boosts his attack as well as accuracy with every hit on or from him, so you'll be needing him to take as much damage, which won't be a problem on account of his high HP, as he dishes it out in order that he strikes hard and true.

Rage Punch is the only skill that doesn't consume a Hulk Up, so to deal the most damage on an enemy with an equally high or higher amount of HP, you can choose to save up your Hulk Ups for the big kill. Hulk Smash consumes one Hulk Up as the Hulk comes down on an enemy with both fists, dealing even more damage than the former. Thunder Clap, one of the Hulk's signature moves, reduces the chance for all targets to dodge the next attack, a particularly useful skill for allies with an irritatingly low accuracy, while Titanic Hurl, where the Hulk throws a big rock at the other side, deals more damage than Thunder Clap with an additional chance to stun a target.

The highest I've seen done by the Rage Machine is around 15000+ with Hulk Smash, and it was a critical hit. That's saying something. All things considered, the Hulk is still pretty vulnerable to Blasters, and always has been an easy picking with my Scarlet Witch in PvP battles. Confronted with a Scrapper, however, and you have one hell of a rage issue at hand.


What is the real-life occupation of Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk?

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Ability: None

Skills: Punch, Burst of Speed, Motion Granite, Stomp

The gamma-powered cousin of Bruce Banner, aka the Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk is nearly as powerful as her cousin, with less the anger management issues that the Hulk is more often than not attributed with. Nevertheless, you probably won't like her when she's angry.

While She-Hulk's Attack and Defense pales in comparison to the Hulk's, her Accuracy and Evasion shines out. Burst of Speed gives her two extra turns to attack, with any one of her remaining offensive skills: Punch, Motion Granite or Stomp. With Motion Granite, She-Hulk throws a block of concrete which is capable of stunning an enemy at a 60 percent chance, whereas Stomp does more damage on Stunned enemies with its Exploits Stun effect.

She-Hulk used to be a favorite among my selection of powerhouses, until the Hulk came along. Still, both Hulks can be best used alongside each other in combat, considering the Hulk's skill Titanic Hurl holds a particularly high chance of stunning all targets on the battlefield, preparing all of them for She-Hulk's final kill.

Colossus's Phoenix costume as seen in the ongoing Avengers vs X-men crossover event.
Colossus's Phoenix costume as seen in the ongoing Avengers vs X-men crossover event. | Source

Who is Colossus's sister?

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Ability: Organic Steel (immunity to bleeding, burning and chilled status effects, resistance to psychic attacks and critical hits)

Skill: Steel Fists, Steel Curtain, Decimate, Colossal Smash

While paling in comparison to the former superpowers mentioned above in terms of attack, accuracy and evasion, Colossus, aka Piotr Rasputin, compensates for all three with a high defense stat, attributed obviously to the X-man's metallic hide.

Buffing up his accuracy with Iso-8s apparently doesn't seem to do anything about Colossus's ability to hit his mark, though it also doesn't signify that he is completely useless in offense. Steel Fists lowers an enemy's defense by Exposing it, whereas Decimate exploits the Exposed effect, dealing more damage on Exposed targets. Ground Smash hits all targets on the opposing side while lowering their evasion stat, rendering each one a likelier target for Colossus to hit.

Steel Curtain, on the other hand, play on Colossus's steel-like defense, granting the mutant one round to protect allies from single-target attacks. Damage taken as such by Colossus is also considerably reduced to even make a mark on his health bar. It serves quite well as a momentary protection as I heal my allies, or buff them up for the next round, all the more so considering Steel Curtain can be used without cooling down.

Due to Colossus's advantage over Exposed targets, Gambit complements him well, especially with the latter mutant's skill Royal Flush, which Exposes all targets while dealing bundles of damage. For those who scowl at the idea of enduring popular health-eating status effects such as Bleeding, Burned and Chilled, Emma Frost is probably the only companion for Colossus to still maintain a sense of consistency on your side.


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