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Hero Guide on Marvel: Avengers Alliance - Infiltrators

Updated on November 29, 2012

All Infiltrators in general have a high Evasion stat compared to other classes in compensation for their relatively low Attack and Defense stats. Tacticians should beware, for Infiltrators hold the upper hand over them in combat, gaining Combat Awareness (ability to retaliate single-target attacks) from attacking or being attacked by Tacticians. Scrappers, on the other hand, show combat superiority over them by attacking Infiltrators twice in a single turn.

'Claws' Black Cat Uniform
'Claws' Black Cat Uniform | Source

Who is the woman behind the Black Cat persona?

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Black Cat

Class: Infiltrator

Ability: None

Skills: Cat Scratch, Unlucky Strike, Stroke of Luck, Nerve Chop

The voluptuous cat thief and sometimes-ally of Spider-man, despite seeming weak in comparison to other powerhouses, the Black Cat can still be used to her full potential as a powerful ally.

Starting off with the Classic Black Cat, you can purchase the Claws outfit for her at the expense of command points, which grants her the Catty ability, letting her inflict a threefold Bleeding status using her Cat Scratch skill. By complementing Black Cat's impressive capacity to impose Bleeding on an enemy with Sif's Flying Sword or Wolverine's Brutal Slash, both of which induces Ravaged, suddenly the strategy of bleeding one's enemy dry doesn't seem so painstakingly time-consuming.

Unlucky Strike reduces Accuracy and Evasion, not one of my favorite skills while using Black Cat, whose level nine skill, Nerve Chop, is what makes her more than simply eye-candy for the player. It does more damage with every critical strike, as well as on Bleeding enemies, which can be easily managed with Black Cat around, To add, well, more injury to injury, there is the cat thief's Stroke of Luck skill, which grants an extra turn upon using as well as a considerable boost to all stats for one turn. A lot of damage can be done in one turn, especially with Black Cat's Infiltrator Combat Awareness.

Black Cat's pitiful Attack stat is compensated by her relatively high Accuracy and Evasion stats, so you may want to put a lot more weight on the former for her by way of ISO-8. If looks can kill, they probably belong to her.

Which X-men member was popularly known to be Gambit's love affair?

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Ability: Wild Card (On the basis of pure chance, provides assistance in offense in response to your agent or ally attacking or being attacked, while gaining one Kinetic Charge, which can be stacked up to four times)

One of the most recent additions to Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Gambit can be a powerful ally, given that he is used in as economical a way as possible. Gambit's offense relies much on critical hits, especially considering he can easily accumulate the maximum of 4 Kinetic Charges, which boosts his chances of landing a critical hit, with his Wild Card ability and Bo Roulette skill in a matter of at the very least two turns. Not to mention the fact that Gambit's last two skills, Rajin' Cajun and Royal Flush, does more damage with critical hits.

The economicality comes in while deciding where to spend the 4 Kinetic Charges on in order to dish out the most damage possible on an enemy. Ace of Spades, while dealing damage and lowering your enemy's defense by imposing an Exposed status effect, consumes 1 Kinetic Charge in exchange for an extra turn, which can be used to pull off Bo Roulette, compensating for the lost Kinetic Charge in effect. There is also the option of softening up your enemies by dealing out Ace of Spades for the same number of times at the cost of your Kinetic Charges, though it's really up to you, the Agent.

Rajin' Cajun, on the other hand, deals out extra damage at the expense of all the Kinetic Charges gathered by Gambit, plus that which comes from assaulting any exposed target thanks to its Exploits Exposure effect, plus that with its Deadly Crits effect. It all boils down to whether you think you can accomplish much more than simply drawing out a lot of blood from your target with that extra turn, or that you're better off with one less enemy. You can also spend the extra turn to use Rajin' Cajun, though I'm not certain that the effect is still the same as using up all 4 Kinetic Charges in Rajin' Cajun on a non-Exposed target on any other turn, on account of the fact that in the former case, you'll be left with one less Kinetic Charge.

Royal Flush is Gambit's only area attack which does not consume or grant Kinetic Charge. However, it does inflict the Exposed status effect on all targets, which obviously gives Gambit an advantage. Also, it removes beneficial buffs from all your enemies, which comes in handy while dealing with particularly irritating ones such as Tripping, which renders your enemy completely impervious to pain for an equally irritating number of turns.

What Gambit lacks in attack, he makes up for with critical hits, so if you happen to be a sucker for bigger numbers and wider damage range, Gambit's the mutant for you.


Which superhero team is the black-and-white Spider-man uniform associated with?

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The Amazing/ Spectacular Spider-Man

Ability: Great Responsibility (Protects allies from single-target as well as area attacks, granting Spider-man in return Great Power which considerably boosts his attack status)

Skills: Web Shot, Spider-Sense, Web Slingshot, Web Swing

The friendly neighbourhood Spider-man boasts the highest Evasion status among Infiltrators and as a result, proves to be a much trickier target to hit, ranking around the Scarlet Witch in said department. Not to mention Spider-man's Great Responsibility ability, which makes hitting any of your allies equally frustrating to the opponent., all the more so as Spider-man comes back with the benefit of Great Power.

Spider-man's Web Shot carries a considerable amount of damage by its own right as a target-softening skill, while reducing an enemy's attack and defense with its Webbed effect, and if there is still any lingering doubts concerning Spider-man's capacity for dodging, his Spider-Sense should blow them out the window easily, by granting him an extra turn in exchange of an attack received, as well as drastically boosting Spider-man's already formidable Evasion status. Spider-man's Spider-Sense doesn't immediately take effect, even after taking a few hits, rendering him borderline untouchable for more than one round. Yes, he can still hit back.

Web Slingshot, Spider-man's most offensive, takes advantage of the Webbed effect, guaranteeing high critical damage on the enemy before removing said status effect. Personally, being a random item drop lover, I find it much more satisfying to simply shoot an enemy with Web Shot in the full course of a fight, which doesn't need to take long at all. Last and most certainly the least is Spider-man's Web Swing, which has a 60 percent chance of stunning an enemy, and like most stunning skills, a cool-down duration of two rounds. Enough said.

A combination of Spider-man's Infiltrator Combat Awareness bonus and the extra turn courtesy of his Spider-Sense lets him do a lot of damage in one round before it's even his turn to attack. So think twice before calling him yet another bug to be squash. Spiders are arachnids, anyway.


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