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Hero Guide on Marvel: Avengers Alliance - Scrappers

Updated on November 26, 2012

I'm not exactly sure what defines the Scrapper Class best, other than its class advantage over Infiltrators. Scrappers gain Close Quarters Combat upon attacking or being attacked by an Infiltrator, which grants a free follow-up attack for one round should the fight be taken to an opponent of any non-Infiltrator class.

Daredevil, the Man without Fear
Daredevil, the Man without Fear | Source

Who played Daredevil in the 2003 Daredevil movie?

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Ability: Blindsight (Immunity to blindness, ability to attack invisible or hidden targets)

Techniques: Billy Club, Radar Sense, Snap Kick, Manrikigusari

Daredevil is probably one of the more popular employable characters, at least, among my circle of M:AA neighbors, the reason behind which, I suspect, is the fact that all of Daredevil's attacks seemingly never miss. Being someone whose other senses have been heightened bordering on the superhuman at the expense of his sense of sight, how can he? The only thing to build up on is Daredevil's Attack stat, which is abysmal at first.

Daredevil's skill set is nothing short of formidable, a delightful compensation to what he lacks in sheer offense. Billy Club induces Combo Setup, which sets up subsequent Unarmed attacks to deal more damage on an opponent. Radar Sense is a particularly useful buff, raising Daredevil's Evasion and Accuracy while granting him the ability to counter single-target attacks. At certain points in combat, you can actually apply Radar Sense one more time, giving Daredevil twice the Evasion and Accuracy bonus and raising his chances of dealing critical hits. Snap Kick induces Weakened, reducing an opponent's Attack stat, while Manrikigusari, Daredevil's only ranged attack, reduces an opponent's Defense stat inducing Exposed.

Sif | Source
Modern Armor Sif
Modern Armor Sif | Source


Ability: Asgardian (Immunity to Burning, Chilled, Poison and Radiation status effects)

Techniques: Thrust, Leaping Slash, Inspire Courage, Flying Sword

The only other Asgardian in Marvel: Avengers Alliance, alongside Thor the Thunderer, Sif's defense attribute is considerably higher than other existing Scrappers, which makes room for more emphasis on her other attributes. Being Asgardian, she is immune to the more damaging variety of status effects, such as Burning, Chilled and Poison, making her a perfect candidate to face up against opponents whose tactics rely heavily on consuming bits of health one round at a time.

Sif's Thrust induces bleeding, which can be stacked up at most five times. Adding injury to more injury is her Flying Sword, which literally involves her throwing a sword at an opponent inflicting the Weakened status effect as well as Ravaged, the latter boosting damage done by Bleeding. Leaping Slash deals extra damage with every critical hit, in virtue of its Deadly Crit effect, while causing Tenderized, which boosts damage done by any slashing attacks, in Sif's case, all her offensive skills. So it practically makes itself a powerful one-two punch, all things considered. Inspire Courage is her only buff skill, providing a Fortified status effect to all allies while gaining Honed Edge herself, which gives her one turn to deal out a guaranteed Critical Hit.

Sif can be employed to her full potential with company capable of inflicting Bleeding, namely Black Cat, especially while wearing her Claws Black Cat Uniform. Endowed with the Catty ability, she can inflict Bleeding stacked thrice, making it all the more quicker to stack the status effect to a full five, and coupled with Sif's Flying Sword effects, drain the life out of any opponent susceptible to Bleeding. You can do without Sif's Inspire Courage by buying her alternative Modern Armor uniform, which comes with Tempered Steel, endowing her the ability to deal critical hits for the first three rounds, a sufficient number to take out at least one enemy. There is however the irritating dilemma of choosing between the Scrapper and Bruiser alternatives. I bought the Bruiser Modern Armor uniform without a second thought, though only due to the fact that I recall seeing that it comes with a cheaper Command Point price tag.

Quicksilver | Source

Was Quicksilver primarily responsible for the House of M crossover event?

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Ability: Supersonic (Takes 2 actions every round; holds a higher chance to take the first turn)

Techniques: Blinding Punches, Tag Team, One Mile Punch, Vortex Lariat

Quicksilver is one of M:AA's most recent addition to its catalogue of superheroes. While being possibly the weakest ally, Quicksilver compensates for weakness in combat with the mutant's ability to attack twice in one round. As in the case of Daredevil, you need only to focus on boosting his Attack stat, as I did with five Strong Iso-8 shards. That's how weak he is.

Quicksilver's Blinding Punches grants himself a Quickness effect, which can be stacked up to five times to considerably boost his Accuracy and Evasion stats. The mutant is also capable of countering any form of attack at the expense of one Quickness, a trivial issue in light of Quicksilver's two-action-per-round advantage. Tag Team inflicts damage as well as Combo Setup on all enemies, the latter effect boosting damage done by subsequent unarmed attacks, rendering Quicksilver's attacks a tad bit potent. One Mile Punch is usually reserved during single boss fights, considering that by consuming the available number of Quickness applied, preferably five, it is capable of doing massive damage on one opponent, more so by exploiting Combo Setup with its Exploit Combo effect. Last and most certainly not least is Quicksilver's Lariat Vortex, an area attack like Tag Team, which, with every endowment of Quickness, holds a higher chance of stunning all opponents on the field.

A few things to note is the fact that Quicksilver's Blinding Punches and Tag Team are both stealthy attacks, a definite advantage over Infiltrators with Combat Awareness or opponents with Protect abilities, such as Spider-Man in PVP. Also, Quicksilver counters, as well as follow up through the Scrapper's Close Quarters Combat, any attack with Tag Team, reason why I regard him sometimes as a blessing in combat against any Infiltrators present on the enemy side, whittling down the enemy's health in as quick a fashion as possible befitting only the man too fast for his own good. Not only is he quick to put a punch on someone's face, using both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch at the same time expedites the player's course of obtaining all five stars for a mission with their team-up bonuses, namely Assemble, Red in the Ledger, X-force, Wunda Twins and Bova's Calves, amounting to a total of 250 in battle score.


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