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Heroes Charge/DOTA legend Skill Information and Guide

Updated on September 22, 2014

Note : US = Ultimate skill, GS = Green skill, BS = Blue Skill, PS = Purple skill




Drunken Master

  • US). Concussive Blow (Lien strikes down his enemies, causing physical damage.)
  • GS). Intoxicate (Lien splashes his enemies with potent magical wine, making them drunk and clumsy.)
  • BS). Shaking Strike (Lien stomps down into a group of enemies, causing damage and leaving them dizzy.)
  • PS). Focus (Lien focuses inward, giving him more strength.)


  • US). Axe of Elimination (Unlock strikes without mercy: Those near death suffer massive damage, the healthy ones take less.)
  • GS). Bloodcurse (Unlock curses his opponents, causing them to lose HP over a period of time.)
  • BS). Cleaving Attack (A powerful attack that damages all nearby foes.)
  • PS). Dark Resistance (Unlock connection to kreln blood-magic enhances his armor.)

Shallows Keeper

  • US). Kreln Shout (An old spell to damage enemies and can be triggered multiple times.)
  • GS). Firebomb (Bokka throws a firebomb at his target, possibly causing splash damage and multiple fires as well.)
  • BS). Blood Call (Increases the attack capacity and casting speed of a random ally.)
  • PS). Elder Strength (Bokka's strength is bolstered.)


  • US). Armour of Spirit (Ryst calls down divine power to protect his allies from physical harm)
  • GS). Divine Light (Ryst uses the power of his gods to heal his weakest ally)
  • BS). Counter Curse (Rsyt dispels damaging spells and temporarily makes his allies immune from magic damage)
  • PS). Blessing (With the blessing of his gods, Ryst reduces the damage all his allies takes)

Savage One

  • US). Slam (Barrand slams the ground, stunning foes in a moderate area)
  • GS). Arc Swing (A powerful attack that damages nearby foes)
  • BS). Corrosion (Barrand weakens the armour of enemies)
  • PS). Elder Strength (Barrand increases his own strength and attack power)

War Chief

  • US). Hammer Throw (Garl throws a hammer at a target, causing damage and stunning them)
  • GS). Power Swing (A mighty cut that results in massive damage)
  • BS). Kreln Bloodcall (Grant's a life-stealing ability to all units)
  • PS). Rage (Garl flies into a furious rage, greatly increasing his hitpoints)


  • US). Throw (Aetna grabs an enemy and tosses them, causing damage on impact.)
  • GS). Caber (Aetna uproots a tree, giving him better range and damage.)
  • BS). Rockslide (Aetna causes rocks to rain down on an area, damaging and stunning foes.)
  • PS). Stoneskin (Aetna's granite skin protects him from damage.)

Death Knight

  • US). Agile Recovery (Deathknight creates a shield that absorbs damage shield damage absorption into the life value of the Deathknight.)
  • GS). Death Coil (Fire death coil into the weakest units on the battlefield. if he is an enemy, death coil may be magic damage to him, if he is a friendly, death coil will treat his life value.
  • BS). Ward (With dark energy to creat a dark shield, to protect the weak. When dark shield disappeared, dark energy will be an explosion, magic damage to neraby enemies.
  • PS). Null Barrier (Deathknight's side it combines powerful frost ward, can protect his teammates, resist spell damage.)

Warrior Monk

  • US). Earthshatter (Kenrick crack and tears the earth's surface, dealing damage and stunning his foe.)
  • GS). Broadswing (Kenrick strikes with a broad sweep, harming and stunning enemies.)
  • BS). Quake (Kenrick strikes the earth, causing damage and stunning enemies.)
  • PS). Elder Strength (The tauren strengthen their physique, sharply increasing strength.)


Lightning Elemental

  • US). Charged Sphere (Release a Sphere of charged static electricity, causing wide-ranging damage to enemies.)
  • GS). Taking the Helm (Summons a powerful storm cloud to strike an enemy with multiple bolts of lightning.)
  • BS). Energy Drain (Steals an enemy's attack power.)
  • PS). Static Field (Arrec uses energy around him to resist incoming magic attack.)

Bear Warrior a.k.a. Ursa

  • US). Maul (A rushing charge attacking, dealing damage to all enemies in his way.)
  • GS). Shockwave (Mayor Bar strikes the ground with his claw, damaging all enemies nearby.)
  • BS). Ursine Focus (Mayor Bar summons the aspect of the bear, increasing his critical strike odds.)
  • PS). Spirit of Ursa (The spirit of the bear enhances Mayor Bar's attack power.)

Depths Voice a.k.a. Naga

  • US). Siren Song (Talenta uses an old Nedan sleeping-song, forcing her enemies into a deep sleep.)
  • GS). Blade Halo (A spinning blade damages nearby foes.)
  • BS). Entrap (Talenta binds an enemy in her magical net, trapping and disabling them.)
  • PS). Untouchable (Talenta uses ancient Nedanese martial secrets to easily dodge incoming attacks.)



  • US). Kreln Shout (An old spell to damage enemies and can be triggered multiple times.)
  • GS). Firebomb (Bokka throws a firebomb at his target, possibly causing splash damage and multiple fires as well.)
  • BS). Blood Call (Increases the attack capacity and casting speed of a random ally.)
  • PS). Elder Strength (Bokka's strength is bolstered.)



Wandering Spearman

  • US). Blood Pact (Divine warrior oath with the enemy, 40% remaining consumption itself, to the enemy by suicide charge, short time greatly improve their damage and attack speed.)
  • GS). Sacrifice (Let the spear with blood burning, cause additional damage over time to hit the enemy.)
  • BS). Gift (Using the traditional troll medical skill, his teammates for the treatment of injury is the most serious, the continued respond to life in a period of time.)
  • PS). Spell Resistance (Berserker blood could let him have roaches general viability, increase spells.)


Shadow Shaman

  • US). Dark Benefactor (Shadow Shaman sends a wave of shadow that cures allies.)
  • GS). Shadow Curse (Ara'ak reaches through the shadow void to poison an enemy.)
  • BS). Vayne's Blessing (Defends whichever ally has the lowest HP from death for a period of time.)
  • PS). Weave (Ara'ak fracture reality, bleeding into the shadow void, reducing the armor of all enemies.)


  • US). Soulshout (Tala shouts across the ethereal plane, damaging all enemies.)
  • GS). Venomdar (Tala throws a blade covered in powerful venom.)
  • BS). Soul Blaze (Tala release a potent scream, tearing into enemies ahead of her.)
  • PS). Chaos Dance (Tala phases in and out of the mortal plane, easily dodging incoming damage.)


  • US). Vampiric Strike (Causes magic damage over time, stealing the target's HP)
  • GS). Kreln Shout (A powerful attack of soul energy, damaging opponents over a moderate area)
  • BS). Exile (Disable's an enemy's ability to cast spells while dealing magic damage)
  • PS). Sacrid Sigil (Salar uses a mystic sigil which resists enemy magic and increases the magic resistance to all allies)

Ice Mage

  • US). Hunting the Maiden (A powerful elemental storm comes down causing widespread damage)
  • GS). Cocoon of Ice (Artonia freezes a target in place, damaging and stunning them)
  • BS). Ice Prison (A blast of ice damages and slows enemies)
  • PS). Sigil of Arctus (Using this Ancient ward, Artonia and her allies slowly recover their energy)

Imperial Executioner

  • US). Smite (A blaze of energy strikes a target, dealing massive magical damage.)
  • GS). Thorn (Lodot summons a thorn that knocks the victim into the sky, dealing a small amount collateral magic damage.)
  • BS). Power Strike (A powerful magic against a single target and turns it into an animal.)
  • PS). Uncanny Edge (Lodot makes a pact with demonic forces to increase his critical chance.)


  • US). Overcharge (Lirune over-charges his weaponry capacitors, causing his machine to unleash a barrage of attacks.)
  • GS). Charged Shot (Lirune fires a magical beams weapon to damage his target and reduce target's attack accuracy.)
  • BS). Seeker (A missilie that seeks out the target and explodes, dealing damage over a small radius.)
  • PS). The Red Button ( Lirune presses the red button, breatly increasing his attack rate.)

Master Mage

  • US). Sunsphere (Fiera releases powerful magics among her foes, damaging those who rely on their strength and speed.)
  • GS). Fireball (Fiera attacks a foe with a ball of raw magical energy.)
  • BS). Black Mark (Fiera chooses a random enemy to exile.)
  • PS). Third Eye (Fiera pulls energy out of space, expanding her intelligence.)

Old Curse

  • US). Chilling Wave (Old Curse launches out an icy blast, freezing all enemies that touch it after a short time period.)
  • GS). Thermal Shock (An icy blast followed by a wave of fire launches out in a path in front of Old Curse, causing magic damage twice to the enemies in front.)
  • BS). Flame Strike (Old Curse lays down a line of flame in front of him, each dealing damage per second to enemy units in a wide area of effect.)
  • PS). Magma (Old Curse burns his enemies in an area of effect with fire. Liquid Fire flows a short distance after hitting a target.)


  • US). Strategist (Saif is versatile, capable of taking down enemy mages or holding his own in a stand-up fight.)
  • GS). Silence (Silences an enemy, preventing them using skill accompanied with magic damage. this skill also causes magic damage.)
  • BS). Befuddle (Enemies over an area lose their ability to cast while also taking health and energy damage.)
  • PS). Searing Aura (A powerful effect that damage an enemy with holy fire.)


Lunar Guardian

  • US). Lunar Barrage (Summon the power of Boaz, striking random enemies with beams of powerful lunar energy.)
  • GS). Lunar Judgment (Summon the power of Jachin, striking a target with lunar ray.)
  • BS). Moonblade (Lunar guardian's sword bounce between enemies, causing more physical damage, after each ejection damage is reduced.)
  • PS). Chosen of Boaz (Share month god's blessing toa all teammates. increase the team's physical damage.)

Vengeance Spirit

  • US). Petrify (Nasira petrifies a group of enemies over a moderate area.)
  • GS). Purify (Nasira delivers physical damage to 4 enemies but reduces half of the original damage.)
  • BS). Theft of Essence (Nasira summons a snake and steals energy from many enemies, increasing her own.)
  • PS). Spite (A magical barrier that increases Nasira's HP.)


  • US). Tortured Spirit (Shalandar releases hungry ghosts that deal damage over a broad area.)
  • GS). Shades (A vengeful shades deal damage over small, moderate and ranged areas.)
  • BS). Mastery of Death (Ferryman increases his attack damage every time a Hero dies. the effect of skill Shades is also increased.)
  • PS). Haunting of Dark Lord (Ferryman terrifies all enemies nearby and greatly reduce their attack damage.)



Psychic Sword

  • US). Sacrifice (Instantaneously swaps position with a target. if the Avenge has learned Magic Missile, a Magic Missile will hit the enemy simultaneously.)
  • GS). Kinetic Bolt (Unleash a magic arrow, dealing magic damage and causing the target stunned.)
  • BS). Inspire Terror (Arouse enemies' inner fear, dealing magic damage in a large area and weakening their armor.)
  • PS). Rally (Fight in the name of vengeance, increasing all enemies melee attack damage.)

Professional Killer

  • US). Dark Contract (Punchinello signs a demonic contract to fill his HP and increase his attack.)
  • GS). Blast Shot (Fires an explosive rocket to deal bonuses damage.)
  • BS). Poison Shot (A rapid fire-attack.)
  • PS). Embrace Shadow (Punchinello hides in the dark then strikes without warning, increasing his critical chance.)


  • US). Meteor Shower (Summons meteor shower, causing magic damage to nearby enemies)
  • GS). Inspiration (Heroically jumps into the battlefield. All teammates get 25% increased movement speed and attack speed, increasing attack damage and magic power
  • BS). Overdraw (Hits the enemy with magic damage, causing long time stun)
  • PS). Motivate (To increase our friendly hidden in the shadow of the moonlight, the agile team)


  • US). Sniper (Perrin takes a shot at the weakest foe, dealing massive damage.)
  • GS). Stunning Shot (A special round that leaves the target reeling with dizzyness.)
  • BS). Fulminating Shot (A magical, grenade-like projectile that deal damage over an area.)
  • PS). Agility Boost (Perrin focuses his reserve energy, giving him a temporary agility boost.)


Wind Master

  • US). Gale Force (Sarra uses wind-enchanted arrows to knock back and damage enemies in front of her.)
  • GS). Concussion (A magic attack that deals damage and dizzying effect.)
  • BS). Hailstorm (Sarra fires off several arrows at her target in rapid succession.)
  • PS). Wind Dance (Sarra uses her wind-dancing techniques to easily dodge and evade attack.)


  • US). Shockwave (Summons a ball of light energy, building power the longer its channeled. Once released, the ball deals magic damage. The longest channeling time is 5 seconds. The longer it is channeled, the more damage is dealt)
  • GS). Harmony (Restores mana to the target unit. Not including heroes with full energy) *This should be restores energy, not mana
  • BS). Blind (A blinding light flashes over the target area, knocking back and blinding the units in the area, causing them to miss attacks)
  • PS). Balance (Guides all teamates with light, increasing their magic power)


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    • northernwriter profile image

      northernwriter 3 years ago

      An intro paragraph would have been nice - I play Dota2, but I don't really know what game you're talking about, here...

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      Crazyest 3 years ago

      I just started playing but blue level I believe is 4th promotion for your hero

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      How unlock blue skill?