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5 Best Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners

Updated on March 16, 2019
Fawaz Sullia profile image

I have been playing Dota 2 for almost 3 years now. Still, I'm not good at all heroes. Some heroes work well for me, some don't.

Dota 2- Not an Easy Game

Let's face it.

You have tried playing dota2, maybe for a couple of hours.

And things might have been going wrong for you.

You die often. You are called noob by your teammates. Sometimes, you even get reported.

Now that's bad!

And why does this happen?

Well, in Dota 2 heroes differ significantly. There are heroes that are very hard to handle and require hours and hours of practice to master them.

That's the mistake most beginners make.

Picking a hero that is cool, not knowing his skills completely or not understanding how to actually play the hero.

Heroes who are mostly passive require less expertise. Heroes who have many active skills, like invoker, can be very tough. Position based heroes like tinker can be tough for beginners.

Hardest Heroes to Master

Like I said earlier, heroes that require quick reaction and muscle memory are significantly tougher than heroes with more passive skills.

I will list down 3 heroes that you do not want to pick initially when you are just starting out

  1. Invoker: For me, Invoker is the toughest hero to handle. Recently, after 3 years, I have started getting comfortable playing this hero. Invoker has 4 basic skills. Quas, Wex, Exort and Invoke. Mixing these 3 in a particular sequence results in a spell. He has about 10 spells. Remembering these 10 spells and using them quickly is challenging.
  2. Meepo: Meepo is an agility based hero. His first three skills are pretty straight forward. However, his Ultimate is challenging. It summons an additional permanent meepo. The negative is that, if one meepo dies, all meepos die. Controlling 4 Meepos at a time is challenging.
  3. Tinker: Tinker is a spell based hero. The challenge with tinker is that you have to be really quick at using skills and items. Tinker usually needs about 4 active items. So it's a total 8 keys to press quickly!

5 Best Heroes for Beginners

In this list, I am going to mention 5 easiest heroes in Dota 2, so that you can learn the mechanics of the game.

  1. Sniper: Sniper is a long range hero with 2 passives. His 3rd skill grants him 3 times as much range as other ranged heroes. His deals signifcant amount of damage. Since he is fragile, he always needs a Shadow blade.
  2. Riki: Riki is a invisible hero whose passive enables him to be invisible until he attacks. When he attacks, the passive goes into cool down. He can silence enemies, blink to enemies. His ultimate makes him invulnerable for few seconds while dealing damage.
  3. Bounty Hunter: Bounty Hunter is a bit similar to Riki. He has aninvisibility skill that is active. His second skills enableshim to deal huge damage and steal gold from opponents.
  4. Lion: Lion is a support hero with one of the most dangerous skills in the entire game. He has a stun, a disable, a mana drain and a nuke. His nuke stacks damage for every hero he kills with it. For each hero, you gain an additional 50 damage!
  5. Viper: Wanna poison your enemies to death? Viper is your best bet. He has it all, attack speed, damage, health. He deals damage persecond and slows down enemies. He has a good range that can be enhanced with items.

Picking a Hero

Its really tempting to pick a carry always, but one thing that you always have to remember is that, a team must be well balanced.

A team with all carries cannot win the game.

It needs a tank, a support, an initiator.

Usually, a team has one late game carry, one mid game, two supports and a tank.This is the most effective formation.

And while picking, you must always counter pick what the enemies have picked. Bounty hunter is always picked when Riki is picked because of his track ability.

Discuss with your team and pick effective heroes and win the game!

© 2019 Fawaz Sullia


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