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Heroes and Generals spiral into the Limelight

Updated on July 29, 2014


I still remember the first time I played Battlefield 1942. A friend of mine invited me and a few other gamers to a LAN party. Now I know this may come as a shock to some, but if you wanted to have a good evening of chips and desserts coupled with long hours of unadulterated fun and were not old enough to go clubbing. LAN parties were where it was at. 10 friends, 10 computers, 2 switches, 16 2-liter bottles of Coca-Cola, and a game server was all it required.

Now, with the advancement of the internet, LAN parties are a thing of the past. Although I do find myself wanting to get all those grumpy assholes in the same room together again. Times change.

We cannot go back to Battlefield 1942 unfortunately. After Battlefield 2, Dice decided against open modding of the games. They apparently were losing too much money to the modding community. With Heroes and Generals though we hop back to the 40's and rage the battle between Germany and the United States. Each side has the equal opportunity of demolishing the latter side.

What it's like to fly.

Heroes and Generals: Pros

I'm not one for lists, I never have been. However I believe it is important to list reasons why you should or should not purchase a game. However again, Heroes and Generals is a Free to Play game. I guess more or less I will be explaining why you should even attempt to play..

  1. Free - Why the hell not right? Worse comes to worst, uninstall it.
  2. Friendly - I know what you are thinking.. Friendly? Yes.. Friendly. Most of the community have been really receptive to new players. The game is not brand new, some have been playing beta for quite a while. Having that said many people have approached me over my recent video and said that I have effectively captured what it is like to fly an aircraft in H&G. Community, Staff, and even teammates have been friendly to me. The PR team is out of this world.
  3. Versatility- If you are a pilot, no problem, fly a plane. Like tanks? Drive a tank.. Like to sit and snipe, no problem here's a rifle and a scope. Want to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft? Good, take this bag, and there's the door.
  4. Strategy- Heroes and Generals is in two parts. Heroes.. and Generals.. You can be both or one or the other.. Doesn't matter. Heroes and Generals allows you to choose your own job. You can be the strategic master mind, or a grunt in the field. They do not discriminate.
  5. Environment- Foggy maps suck. It's no secret. You cannot see anything, and if you are flying, nothing kills you faster than a ninja tree. They just come out of nowhere. Having all that said, this game is friggin pretty.

Badass Trailer

Heroes and Generals: Cons

All games have cons. They can be annoying bugs to flawed game mechanics. Heroes and Generals is no exception to the rule. I am attempting to do this as unbiased as possible. Though I must admit, H&G holds a serious place in my heart.

  1. Hit Boxes- I have never been one to complain on such things. This however has become an annoying problem in Heroes and Generals. I purchased the shovel, I swing the shovel, I kill guy. Next time. I use shovel, I swing the shovel, guy kills me. To this day, I have one shovel kill. The shovel has since left my equipment pouch as it has been deemed a useless piece of shit in my book.
  2. Line of Sight- Driving the tanks sucks pretty hard. You can crew the tank, but the driver is the gunner much like in the Battlefield series. You can't see jack shit in the tank, there is no zoom, and god forbid you start smoking, poke your head out of the hatch and get sniped. It just plain sucks. Some do have a lot of fun with it however.
  3. Grenades- Grenades are great for clearing out bunkers and what not. If you throw two though, one will disappear as the other explodes. I assume this is to prevent nade spamming, but it's extremely annoying when you need two grenades versus one.
  4. Mounted Gun Glitches - Countless times I will jump into a jeep, jump on the gun, and pull the trigger... Nada.. Nothing comes out. It's only until I switch views does it actually fire. By then, after the guy I am attempting to shoot at stops laughing, he shoots me in the head and I am done for.
  5. Everyone is a sniper- This isn't against the game so much as it is the players. There will be a flag inside a warehouse. Three Quarters of your team however, are sitting on top of a hill sniping. You can pretty much forget winning this one buddy.
  6. You frickin Morons - I find myself cursing my team more than the enemies. I think I am justified in this reason alone. I am a pilot. I fly most of the time. In this particular instance I was flying along and I spotted a clear as day enemy tank with a few friendlies 100 m or so away. So I turned to fly in and do my thing. The friendlies apparently found it necessary to jump on top of the tank. So naturally when my never miss bomb found its way on the tank. I got 10 friendly kills and 2 enemy kills to show for it.


Ah yes.. Let's go with the conclusion here..

It's a good game. Highly addictive. Shows a lot of potential. On that note, there are some extremely annoying glitches, but nothing that hinders game play. I have a lot of fun recording some of the outrageous things that happen in any given game. There is no doubt in my mind this game will be the next World of Tanks. It has the cult following. I am not entirely sure the developers were prepared for the flood of new players at Steam Launch.

One thing is for sure. You will find me there. I will almost always be in the sky or cursing friendlies in chat. If you see me. Be sure to say hi!

Leave us a comment will ya?

Do you play H&G?

What side do you play on?


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