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Hidden Object Games: Pickers Adventures In Rust

Updated on February 14, 2012

If you are a fan of hidden object games then there is one game in particular you will enjoy playing for hours on end. Pickers Adventures In Rust is a hidden object game like no other. Based on the History channel show American Pickers, Pickers Adventures In Rust takes you into the world of professional picking.

Game Play

Pickers Adventures In Rust is based on the premise of a virtual 30 day challenge. Each day you are given the task of picking 7 hidden treasures from various junk and antique dealers. Your are given a hot category each day and if you want to receive an extra bonus you will find objects from the hot category list. After you have found the hidden treasures of your choice you are then taken to shop mode where you are given two options for selling your junk. Option one is to set your own price for each item, and once you have priced everything you open your shop for business with the hope that someone is willing to pay your price for the hidden treasures. Option two is to put your hidden treasures up on the auction block, where a virtual auction is held for each of your items. After the 30 day challenge is up you are then ranked according to how much profit you made after the challenge.

Game Special Features

Pickers Adventures In Rust gives you 4 various game modes. You have Zen mode which is a relaxed 30 day challenge, then you have Regular, Advanced, and Expert modes which allow you to compete with other pickers online. There are 11 different junk and antique dealers you can pick from, and each dealer has a special area featuring a hidden object game which you use to find several items for bonus money. A random bonus item can be found at the end of each hidden object puzzle which you can sell as one of your hidden treasures. 60 keys are spread out through the 11 dealers which when found can be used to unlock the unlimited hidden object game feature. This feature allows you to play through all the hidden object areas through the game. Bonus trophies are acquired for accomplishing certain things within the game for example there is a trophy for holding first place for 7 days in a row. These special features pack more fun into an already entertaining game.

Overall Pickers Adventures In Rust is a cleverly formulated hidden object game. While there are other hidden object games based on Antique shows, Pickers is the first to give you the freedom to choose which objects you wsnt to sell, and at what price you would like to sell them for. This tycoon like game feature really separates it from any other hidden object game making it all the more entertaining. Pickers Adventures In Rust is a must play for any hidden object game fan. If you would like to try this game out for free just click on the link blow and it will take you right there.

Pickers Adventures In Rust


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    • profile image

      Sara 5 years ago

      The game is addictive.Once you start looking for the unusual and valuable items to fill in your shop - you'll be hooked by the game.I play similar games at this site: .

    • profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago

      Really loved this game! I like most hidden object games but I love the freedom of finding of my choice to sell & of course seeing the $$$ you make is cool. Try it out!

    • profile image

      helen 6 years ago

      i love the game and its the best hidden object game ever. i have played it twice and both times i have placed 5th.wish i could do better. keep playing everyone

    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 6 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      I love the game, It's the best hidden object game out there right now.

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 6 years ago

      cool! i love watching pickers..i get american and canadian versions..personally - more into number and word games ie sudoku, boggle, text twist - than find images games. Sounds super cool tho! checking it out..