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Hobby RC Cars

Updated on September 19, 2009

Boys love toys and this fact doesn't change with age. Hobby RC Cars are great toys to enjoy; the feeling of speed, dealing with mechanics and racing with your friends. There are lots of options and a great variety of RC Cars to choose from. You can start a rc car kit from scratch and build yourself or get a RTR (ready to run) RC Car and enjoy driving at that moment. 

If we need to classify the Hobby RC Cars we would start with Electric RC Cars and Nitro RC Cars. 

-The Electric RC Cars work on a simple principle: a battery, an engine and controller. The electric RC Car is much more easy to adjust and work with, you basically connect the battery to the engine, and your car is ready to run. (Of course you need a transmitter and a speed controller to adjust speed of engine and a servo to adjust the direction of the car) If you don't want to spend much time in the pit stop and enjoy the driving you can go with the Electric RC Car. An avarage battery runs around 30 minutes and you can double your driving time with an extra battery.

-Nitro RC Cars are much more detailed and complicated. They are working with the same principles of an actual car. You have a fuel tank, an engine with carburetor to adjust the fuel, and an exhaust system. You need two servos, one for adjusting direction and other for adjusting fuel intake (speed) and a transmitter to control the servos. You would also need a glow plug to ignite the fuel and pull start the engine to pump the fuel. If you would like to spend time on your car, work on every detail and ready to spend hours in the pit stop than Nitro Powered RC Cars are for you. 

When you compare the Electric RC Car and Nitro RC Car there are pros and cons of both. Electric RC Car is much easier to deal with with a Nitro RC Car you can enjoy the sound of engine. With the Electric RC Car you are limited to your battery power and ones you are out of batteries it takes a half day to charge the batteries, with the Nitro RC Car there is much more driving time and you can drive as long as you have fuel. 

Electric RC Cars


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    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 7 years ago from Australia

      G'day mate these RC cars are popular here in Australia but from what I've seen on TV it is a huge industry in the USA :-)