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Homebrew Begins

Updated on March 30, 2014

Pics of Various Brews to Date.

American Ale
American Ale | Source
American Lager
American Lager | Source
Irish Stout
Irish Stout | Source

Home Brew

I have always loved beer, maybe a little too much at times. A long time ago I could buy plenty of beer for $5 but as with everything the prices have risen too high for my taste. While I can afford it I refuse to pay $10 plus tax for the garbage that is Schlitz Beer and higher prices for Bud Light and Miller Lite. Guinness, which is my favorite, is so expensive I have to put it on layaway and I now know why, quality.

Craig Tube

I was watching videos on You Tube and discovered a channel called CraigTube. Craig makes beer in his basement because he can't or doesn't want to pay the high cost of beer in Canada where he resides. He started recording videos of himself going through the beer making process which I watched and decided that I could do the same minus the video.

As Craig mentioned, a new brewer could grab a kit for $40 and try out making home brewed beer. I had always heard that home brew just wasn't good and it has a disgusting sediment in the bottom of the bottle but Craig sold me on his brew when he tasted it "Gave it a whirl " as he says.

Mr. Beer, Home Brew Kit

Off I went to search the internet for where I could easily obtain a kit. I came from Alabama where home brew was always illegal and I could not buy beer on Sunday or in specific places, but that is the topic of another Hub linked below, so I was unsure as to where I may need to start my quest.

Now, I live in Louisiana, where people are slightly less irrational, and there is a home brew supply shop 15 minutes from my house.

I also discovered a nearby national sporting goods store sells a kit called Mr. Beer. Mr. Beer contains everything you need to make 2 gallons of beer from fermentation to drinking in a 3 week span. I bought one and quickly read the instructions then started brewing. 3 weeks later I had 8 liter bottles of American beer ready to consume.

I cracked open the first bottle and sniffed it, I had achieved beer and it was carbonated. I poured it into my favorite pilsner glass observing the clarity and bubbles rising to the top. I don't like a head on my beer so I pour delicately. I tasted it for the first time and realized I had been lied to my entire adult life by the national brand brewers of the world and the myth of home brewed beer being no good.

Home Brew Sediment and Yeast

There was a sediment in my bottles, but the refrigeration process had caused the muck to stay on the bottom. I wanted to know what that muck on the bottom of my bottle was so I began to do some reading on reputable home brew sites. It turns out it is the byproduct of the yeast and the dormant yeast. The same thing that is in bread. Bread doesn't taste bad with yeast in it so why would the beer taste bad with yeast suspended in the brew? The fact is it doesn't and it is good for you in a way. You can swirl it into your brew or leave it on the bottom it's up to you. You can also salvage it several times and make up to 4 or 5 batches of new beer with the same muck.

Home Brew Success

After that successful batch I wanted to try another brew. I bought a refill for the kit which was a dark Irish Stout. I brewed it and 3 weeks later I had another delicious success on my hands.

After this success I decided I wanted to take a step up in the art of brewing and use grains and hops to make a 5 gallon batch.

I went to my supply store and they put me onto a whole new brewing level. I bought 2 - 6 gallon buckets, a capper, some caps and some corn sugar.

Next Step, Partial Mash

To summarize, I have found a new hobby. The single most satisfying hobby I have ever delved into. I am truly enjoying the fruits of my labor.

I will update on brews as they happen and I have a few ideas for some recipes and am looking for some suggestions on great brews.

Please leave suggestions below.


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      Riki 2 years ago

      Yes we honor all AHA cards and other home brewers aistciaoson. As far as prices online we will get there we are just trying to still stock the store up to meet the demand of our customers. Feel free to email us anytime for prices.