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Hot Toys for a 2011 Christmas

Updated on November 3, 2011

Remember in past years when parents stood outside in the rain and the snow, waiting for the hottest toys of the season? The days of Zhu Zhu pets and Beanie Babies are long gone, but the hot toys are still around. Unless you want to spend a night standing in the rain and snow, or pay twice as much tracking down the right toys, you need to know what kids want now.

Tastes are constantly changing and evolving. The hottest toys today are those with a modern slant. Kids have no problem turning on the computer and playing a high-tech game or scouring the internet. The old-fashioned toys that pleased in the past do not work with today’s kids. The hottest Christmas toys of 2011 incorporate technology or have something that kids won’t expect.

My Keepon

Last on the list of the hottest toys for 2011 is My Keepon. The toy might have disappeared into the sunset, if not for YouTube. Shoppers saw it in action and demanded it. Toys R Us responded by not only offering My Keepon for sale in its stores, but naming it one of the hot toys for the 2011 Christmas season. My Keepon might look like an ordinary rubber ducky, but he breaks into dance whenever he hears music. The small duck also has his own language and is not above bursting out when he feels lonely or wants attention. You can also feel good when buying My Keepon, as a portion of the proceeds go to autistic therapy research.

LeapPad Explorer

Little hands are not suited for big electronics and that’s where the LeapPad Explorer comes into play. The toy has all of the advantages of an electronic reader, but in a smaller size for kids. Not only does the device fit comfortably in her hands, but it is also cheaper than most electronic readers. The LeapPad Explorer has its own video and still-image capturing camera built right inside. Your kids can color, draw, read, and do dozens of other activities on its screen. Optional cartridges add games and other applications to the device. Kids love this hot toy because it’s fun, but you will love its educational properties.

Air Swimmers

Air Swimmers take the idea of an RC car and turn it on its head. Instead of a remote controlled car, the toy comes with a remote control fish. Just imagine the look on his face when he sees a giant flying fish. The fish runs on four AAA batteries and with the remote, he has complete control over the fish. The fish goes up and down, right to left, and even does flips. Best of all, this hot toy inflates with regular air. The toy deflates within a few weeks, but a few minutes of breathing and it is ready to go again.

Radica Fijit Friends

If you remember the Furby toys, the Radica Fijit Friends might seem familiar. The toys do everything a Furby did, but a whole lot more. Available in four different color choices, the toy marches to the beat of its own drummer. When placed near music, the Radica Fijit Friend dances around in time to the beat. The toy is especially hot because it is programmed to respond to 30 different words. It can also respond in one of 150 ways, giving your little one a new best friend.


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