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Glitter tattoos for pool birthday parties!

Updated on December 11, 2012
Glitter tattoo Phoenix design
Glitter tattoo Phoenix design | Source

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Face painting always has a great entertainment value, as kids love being able to express their favorite characters (tiger, fairy, dragon, etc.) But when hosting a swimming party what options are available for waterproof designs? Glitter tattoos are the latest in body art when the summer heats up! They are great for a pool party (or any type of party outdoor activity) as they last longer than face painting. When water (or sweat) is involved in your activity glitter tattoos provide a waterproof alternative to face painting and can last from 3-6 days. I have 25 awesome designs for all ages to choose from!

Older children sometimes prefer glitter tattoos over face painting as well. Some teenagers think they are too old for face painting, but when I break out the glitter tattoos they quickly change their mind (if I can convert one, thats when they line up). Kids also love the creativity in picking their design and glitter colors!

Applying a glitter tattoo is just as fast as face painting. First I prepare the skin by wiping with alcohol to wipe any dirt or lotion off. Then using specially made cosmetic glitter glue I paint over the stencil (I can also freehand glue designs). I’ll "paint" the glitter onto the glue. I also blend different colors of the many glitter colors to choose from for the “wow” effect. Glitters for the tattoos are a cosmetic grade that are safe for skin (never use craft glitters).

Some important things to remember about glitter tattoos:

  1. Glitter tattoo is 100% toxic free and safe for skin.
  2. It lasts anywhere from 3 - 6 days. This depends on your skin type and maintenance.
  3. Your glitter tattoo is waterproof but it becomes weak when subjected to prolonged time in water (swimming or taking a bath), so afterward pat dry the area and don’t scrub or scratch with a towel (friction shortens the lifespan of your tattoo).
  4. Never apply alcohol based oil or lotion in the area of your glitter tattoo.
  5. Should you wish to remove your glitter tattoo simply use alcohol swabs, baby oil or lotion and let it soak for 5-10 minutes before you scrub and remove.

As always have fun with body art!


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