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How Kerbal Space Program Can Change The World?

Updated on March 13, 2017

What is Kerbal Space Program?

Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulator video game, released for Windows, Linux, OS X, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Wii U. It is a type of building genre game, in which we have to build rockets, and manage our own space program. The setting of this game is totally fictional, the earth-like planet is Kerbin, and Mun and Minmus are its natural satellite. This is a hard-core physics game, which can be very difficult to understand for the first time, but once the player habitualizes with it, it becomes very fun to play this game.
Rockets are built by putting together different parts like command modules, fuel engines, engines, rocket thrusters, etc. They can be either manned modules, or unmanned ones. The rockets can be used to put Kerbals (the inhabitants of Kerbin) into an orbit, on Mun, or on any other planet. There are nine planets, just like our Solar System, and most of them have their own natural satellite, on which we can land. We can create space stations too, which can be used to refuel rockets, going on a very long voyage.
The game can be very difficult sometimes, but after practicing, it will become very easy, and I’m sure you will enjoy it too.

How Can It Affect The World?

Kerbal Space Program is a game solely based on physics. It can turn into a heaven for any die-hard physics fan. Well, not only physics fan, but almost everyone can start loving this game after some minutes of game-play. But, aside from fun, this game is giving the world something very important. It is providing a seed of scientific thinking in people’s mind. I’m not saying this from an atheist’s point of view, but scientific thinking is a very important thing, which this game is providing.
There is a reason why this game became the best sold game of 2015 just after a few hours after its release. It opens a mind’s path to think like a scientist. Everything in this game is based on physics, from aerodynamics to velocity and many more. And believe me, every single of these factors affect the flight of a rocket. Every child, every adult aspiring to be an astrophysicist or aerospace engineer, can learn most of the basics and some advanced parts just by playing this game. No reading of thousand paged books or something like that, just play this game.
Kerbal Space Program covers every aspect of a spaceflight. Users can learn about the struggles of the people working behind the scenes. Those who donate their lives for making rockets, astronauts who face their fears and shine like stars. As stated above, this game provides scientific thinking. This type of thinking is very important for the people in the current era. Science is continuously evolving, and people need to be aware of the recent breakthroughs. This game is perfect for that. This game can even act as a learning tool for children. Imagine how it would be, we can have fun and studies at the same time.
Kerbal Space Program can be seen upon as a business simulation game too. It provides the users a career mode, in which we have to manage the whole space program. It brings some problems in front of the people, including the lack of funds, the decline of the reputation after a failure, and many more. It can be a type of practice simulation, before entering the real field.
Apart from becoming an astrophysicist, those who are aspiring to become an astronaut can use this game too. This game conceptualizes the struggles of an astronaut. Not much, but basics are still given in this game.
The conclusion: This game can be very useful for people who really want to learn something from it. It provides every bit of knowledge that the beginner would require. Overall, this game can become a breakthrough in e-learning apps, and surely in the gaming world too.

A Review Too

In the end, I would like to give a review of Kerbal Space Program too. I would rate the game five out of five stars. This game is very useful, and that is why many of the big organization are showing interest is this game. These include NASA, ESA and even Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX and Tesla. The concepts of rocket building is fairly researched, and the development is very impressive too. The game can be used for learning and for fun (as games are meant to be), both at the same time. And at last, I would like to recommend everyone to buy this game, and step into the world of space and exploration.

Thanks everyone for reading!!

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