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How Long Have I Played League of Legends?

Updated on February 9, 2018

Wasted On LoL - time wasted on League of Legends ?

Time and Money, both are important resources. And, the famous video game League of Legends (LoL), makes a gamer deprived of both. In the beginning, it seems fun spending hours on directing as a summoner and spending money on skins and champions of the LoL. Later, after realizing the loss, a LoL player always asks himself, how much money I have spent in the league.

Well, getting access to insights about time and money spent on League of Legends, is a bit tricky process, because the Riot Games keeps the data secret for its being sensitive.

How Long Have I Played League of Legends?

Luckily, a player can unlock the answers of how long have I played league of legends and how much money I have spent on league through the same mechanism. The riots games not only allows access to every bit of the related data. Gamers can know about the hours they spent and dollar or euros they paid to unlock their rewards.

Players, only need to log in to their account on privacy page of the Riot Games’ official website. Here, they can track every single hour fighting as the League of Legends characters.

How Much Money have I spent on League?

League of Legends, has a microtransaction feature that allows players to spend real money for unlocking the rewards. Usually, players don’t hesitate from spending their money for buying the riots points. Addicts of LoL do the buying so often that they don’t keep track on how much they have spent on each transaction. After their addiction is over, they naturally look for ‘how much money I have spent in the league.’ Luckily, once they log in to their account on Riots Games’ official website, they can see the details of every single transaction, they have done to make progress in the game.

Keeping Track of the Time

League of Legends is one of the most popular video games in Europe and North America. It has 67 million active users, with 7 million users for each peak hour. Players, who once start playing League of Legends, forget to keep track of the time. The game, which is inspired by Warcraft and Defense of the Ancients, offers an online experience of multiplayer battles. It allows players to act as summoner who can control the champions for any function. Despite, the unlimited fun, there is no guarantee that a player wouldn’t regret the time and money he has spent on league of legends.




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