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How Modded Minecraft Helped Me

Updated on March 12, 2017

Most people (who are non-gamers) won't understand how much modded minecraft has benefitted me. People fail to realize how much games can influence our lives.
For me, the most beneficial of these games was modded minecraft. Yeah, it requires a beefy computer, but when you are able to play it, you just get in love with it.
When we are joining machines to move stuff here there, we basically are solving problems. We have to figure out how to get things done, and automate all of the machines. It is mostly beneficial for someone who is trying to be systems engineer or something.


Not only that, it helped me in my studies too. People may find this funny, but some years back, our exams were going on, and there was a question about alloys. I had never read about them formally, but what helped me was minecraft. I had basically mastered tinker's construct, and that is why I remembered all the alloys. Believe it or not, but Minecraft really did help me in my exams.
Apart from some of the absurd physics and mechanics that minecraft has, most of its features are really educational. Like how oil is refined into fuel for rockets, and how gold is found from seiving gravel. I know, we don't get many ores like this, but gold is certainly obtained this way.
Apart from the educational side, minecraft also takes out the artist in us. You may have seen all the humongous things that people have built in Minecraft. There is no other platform (apart from 3D modelling, I guess) on which people can give 3D presentation to all of their dreams.
It can also help in removing stress. Unlike most of the other games, that instead of getting rid of it, inflict more stress to the players, Minecraft is a chill game, where we can just chill out, do some mining and just enjoy the scenery.
Many people may not find it that helpful, but for me, it certainly was. I am feeling sad because I won't be able to touch minecraft for a few years, but as soon as I get the chance, I will surely play it. It has helped me, and I hope it will continue to.
Ah! And the last thing, Minecraft is not dead!!


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