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How Much is a Ball-jointed Doll?

Updated on January 21, 2015
Stardust and Fritz both belongs to me. They are both SD size ball-jointed doll
Stardust and Fritz both belongs to me. They are both SD size ball-jointed doll

Looking for a Ball-jointed Doll (BJD)

Whenever I post a picture of my doll in the internet, I will surely encounter a question of its worth. These are questions like how much is your doll or Are there cheap dolls I can buy? These questions cannot be answered directly because the question itself is very broad and the person should be more specific about it. Answering this question with an answer like the coast of my doll when I bought it will not help the inquirer at all. In order to give an accurate answer, I have to properly explain the procedures in buying the doll which is the reason why the doll amounts to that particular price.

Before I proceed you might want to learn first about ball-jointed dolls if you haven't heard them yet. However if you already plan to buy one there's a lot of company that sells them online. You can simply type in ball-jointed doll in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. But if you're the type who wants an answer directly, I posted a hub about this here.

Those sites mentioned in that post are just a few of the choices where you can buy your doll. I would still advice you to research first because you don't wanna end up buying something and later on finding a much nicer doll that fits your taste

Prices are not the same

As for the cost, it really depends on the size of the doll you're gonna buy. I'm telling you now that they are quite expensive that's why it takes a lot of effort on your part to earn in order for you to buy it. But in the end, once you were able to purchase the doll of your dreams with your hard earned money, the cost doesn't matter at all because it's worth it.

Prices vary in terms of the set you are buying. It depends if you are buying your doll with a company face-up (make-up) or just a blank face. Prices also doesn't include shipping and tax yet so you need to have a separate budget for that. If you can really afford buying dolls, you can also go for the limited edition full set dolls which includes their clothes and accessories as displayed on the companies' site.

Also remove the idea that the smaller the doll is, the cheaper. That is not entirely true. There are small sized dolls that cost more than a tall one. This is why I will tell you again to research. That's the key!

Approximate Cost of Dolls

Below is a table showing an approximate prices for dolls based on their size. Remember, prices estimated below doesn't include face,up, shipping charge and tax.

If you will also notice below, prices for YOSD and Tinies are the same.

Approximate Cost for Ball-jointed Doll

Extra Large
70cm above
$1000 above
SD 1/3
$250 - $1000
MSD 1/4
YOSD 1/6
25cm below
*Prices are in US Dollars *Estimated prices doesn't include shipping or tax *Prices doesn't include face-up

How Much Does a Face-Up Cost?

Face-up rates varies from different artist to another. there are a lot of face-up artist that offers services for a lower value (especially if they think they are just a newbie whenit comes to doing faceup) Some face-up artist have a higher value ($100 above) because they are already a professional when it comes to stuffs like these.

Choosing a face-up artist is not difficult especially if you already have an idea what style you want. Each face-up artist have their own style and that's where they based their face-up rates. It's safe to say that the approximate cost for face up commissions are around $50 to $100 but there are some who have a higher rate than that especially if they have extra services like face-up removal or modding.

The estimated cost also doesn't include shipping to the faceup artist and shipping it back to you as well as the tax.

Don't back down just because it's expensive

After reading the estimated costs, I'm sure that some of you who want to own a doll will just give up. No. Don't back down. If you really, really want to have a ball-jointed doll, then you just have to work on it. It's a very expensive hobby, but once you were able to bring them home, you'll find yourself dancing with joy.


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