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How Sword Making Goes

Updated on July 13, 2010

Swords are some of the most fascinating items ever invented and for many reasons; they cannot help but evoke emotion and excitement.  There are all kinds of swords in the market that range from those made by expert craftsmen to those made by machines.  Among their uses includes for collection, aesthetics and also as weapons.  Since they can present danger, it is important for people to handle them with care and not use them to destroy others.  They make for excellent decoration pieces in residents and offices alike.  However, not many people know what goes into creating these fascinating items.

 There is a series of things that must be done to produce good products and experts only know too well the expertise required.  The following is just a highlight of some of the aspects that go into creating a masterpiece that can be admired by people.  First, those products that are made by hand will have greater quality and will take more time and for this reason will cost more in the market.  This is well in comparison with products that are mass produced by machines.  By noting some of these differences, you will be in a position to understand the process of creation.

 As we consider the steps that go into creating swords, let us look at the definition of a sword.  It is basically a sharpened metal that is controlled using the end of the metal referred to as the hilt.  It is paramount to consider some of the top aspects that go into creating these pieces of art.  Design of the sword will be considered first because it is a crucial part of the creation.  Apart from choosing or creating a design, selecting the stock is paramount.  Forging and sharpening the blade must then follow as to give the sword its true feel.

 Normalizing and annealing the steel of the sword is crucial and this is the step that will follow.  Adding the edge will then be done so that the sword can be effectively designed as planned.  The final part will involve adding the hilt.   As mentioned above, the handle is also called the hilt and others will call it the pommel or guard.  There are many methods that can be employed to achieve the result desired.  The above is just the overview of the process that will be necessary to produce a masterpiece that can be used for its purpose.  There are many other things that experts will consider to ensure that all is flawless when producing the swords.


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