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How To Be A Better Gamer And Improve Your Play Style

Updated on October 15, 2014
Being A Better Gamer
Being A Better Gamer


It doesn't matter the game or genre you're playing. There's always room for improvement, even if you're a top notch player with a hefty contract under your belt! If you're an aspiring pro-gamer, this guide might help you, or if you're just a casual gamer looking for some tips to improve your performance in games, it will fit for you as well!

In everything in life and gaming, there's always room for improvement! That's why when you see your favorite gamer pulling something new out of his hat, you instantly go wow at it, and wish you could mimic his play. A few weeks later, after a ton of training, you can repeat it yourself but he's already doing some new tricks!

Why is that? It's all about mentality and training. Shall we start?

Play, Play and Play some more!

It's pretty obvious, that in order to be a better gamer, you have to play, play and play until you know the game you're into inside out!

Usually, true gamers dedicate themselves to one game and try to master it. Still, experience with games carry on game from game. Myself for example, when i was younger, i was a top notch pvp, high level raider in World of Warcraft. From that point onward, every MMORPG was intuitive. There wasn't much of a learning curve for any other MMORPG because the play-style was already carved in me.

The same applies to other games inside the same genre. I played a lot of the saga Age of Empires, so when Starcraft 2 came out, the game was a lot easier for me to evolve since i already knew the premise inside out.

My thing was MMORPG and MMORTS like WoW, AoE, Starcraft, etc. Until, League of Legends came out. Now, that was something that i've never seen before and it was the first time in a long time, where i felt like a total noob! Still, i played, played and played until i got myself to Diamond League.

Essentially, the first step to become a better game is to play more! However, if you're always changing games and genres it becomes harder to be better at any game... You might do ok, but to achieve that 5% top list won't be easy at all.

Ultimate Gamer
Ultimate Gamer

Mimic the experts

If you're starting out or feel stuck in your gaming progression, the best thing to do is to check out the experts.

Now, i'm not saying to be constantly trying to mimic them. Only until you feel a lot more confident in your own game play. One of the most counter productive things to do, if you want to improve, is to play for the sake of playing. If you're always doing the same thing, you're not improving, you're only polishing your automated responses within the game, which is also a good thing, but it isn't as productive as it should be.

If you're bored or have a bit of spare time, take a break and check out what the pros are doing. There are always streamers or game guides from better players than us. Every new perspective helps a ton.

Create Your Own Play Style
Create Your Own Play Style

Create your own play-style

After a few weeks or months, you're feeling like a boss. Yes sir! Now it's the time to create your own play-style and tricks. You're done mimicking the pros and you're starting to be a pro. Good.

Now, it's the worst part because there isn't much to learn anymore. It's all about your mechanics, instant decision making and hands speed.

At this point, you need to play bearing in mind, after every decision you make, "What could i have done differently?" You need to analyse thoroughly on what you can improve.

Back in the day, when i played Age of Empires:Mythology, if i'm not mistaken. One little setback of two, three seconds would snowball into a defeat. When everyone is already at an expert level, one little mistake can lead to a huge setback three minutes later. That's why everything must be quick, polished and automated. We even used to have gatherings to analyse each other replays of the games. To many, it may seem silly or crazy, but pro gamers know how it is. After you reach that point, you spend more time analyzing and testing than actually playing!

Working out to be a better gamer!

Play with an objective

Like it was stated before, in order to, improve your game play by leap and bounds you need to play focusing on something. Analyse your worst ability and work on it. If you want to improve yourself as a gamer, play with the intention of getting better, instead of just playing to kill time.

Don't Rage

With the growth of the internet, people enjoy venting off on other other people. Trash talking is fine, but when you're insulting someone, remember that it's another human being on the other side.

Gaming companies should enforce politeness better. While you're raging against a team member, the enemy player is playing to win and encouraging his team member. Adding stress to the mix doesn't help.

A few years back, when tournaments and important games were always held in LANs, there wasn't this flaming wars. There would be consequences in the gatherings xD! Now the gaming network is so massive, that the new children just abuse the system. I find that to be extremely sad. Oh well.

Gaming as a life choice.

Nowadays, gaming is a true life choice. Thirty years ago it was nothing more than a hobby in the arcade rooms.

Now there are teams, sponsors, contracts... Everything so similar to a true sport, which is great! It isn't a geeky hobby anymore. Even if you're a top notch player, that can sign up for a team, etc. There are still opportunities like or a youtube channel, where you can get paid for streaming your abilities. It's amazing! It's a golden time to be a gamer!

Now, remember to HAVE FUN! Video games are supposed to be fun, even if you're training hard to improve yourself! If you're not enjoying yourself, take a break and play a casual game with your mates!

Again, HAVE FUN! Hopefully this guide will help you.

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