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How To Talk Like A Pirate

Updated on September 19, 2014

A Pirate's Life For Me

Ahoy there me hearties, jump aboard and join me as we go on a fantastic voyage of adventure and excitement around the seven seas.

It's a pirate's life for me, a life of swashbuckling adventure, hidden treasure, and a woman in every port. What more could a man want in life?

I be the captain of this here ship and if you join me onboard you can learn what it takes to be come a pirate like me, scourge of the seas and an enemy of every nation.

Are you man or woman enough to join my quest robbing and plundering on the high seas?

Then let our voyage begin.

Blackbeard at Pirate's Fashion week

This years fashion as modelled by Blackbeard Himself.
This years fashion as modelled by Blackbeard Himself. | Source

How to Dress Like a Pirate

Arrr! It’s so good to see so many new recruits, grab yourselves a tankard of grog and we will begin your training.

If you want to be a pirate the first thing that you have to do is look like a pirate, clothes maketh the man as the old saying goes, we as pirates don't want to be seen walking around in pretty pink flowery colors. We have to look intimidating and strike fear into the heart of anyone who dares to cross our paths.

How to Dress like a Male Pirate

Every pirate needs Head-wear, whether it be a hat or a bandanna, a black tricorn hat, an admirals hat or the traditional pirate Bicorn Hat, no pirate hat would be complete without a skull and crossbones emblem.

A pirate bandanna is usually white, black or scarlet and emblazoned with a skull and crossbones.

A pirate needs to look suave and sophisticated, as well as threatening, a white or black shirt is hot this season, preferably a loose open neck shirt with ruffles on the cuffs, collar and down the button line.

Trousers, baggy and loose black or white trousers stole the show at this year's pirate fashion week and are now the choice of 75% today’s fashionista pirates preferably if you can get a hold of the rare and expensive specially made corsair pirate pants.

A pirate’s overcoat, Black blue or scarlet overcoats in a gothic style are mostly chosen by today’s trendy pirates.

A pair of Knee length black boots will finish of your pirate look for this season, preferably lace up boots.

How to Dress like a Female Pirate

This year’s fashion conscious lady pirate like her male counterpart has a passion for black, white and scarlet.

This year the discerning lady pirate's chose to wear a black admirals hat with a black lace trim with the skull and crossbones insignia proudly on display or she could opt for a black, white or scarlet bandanna also emblazoned with the skull and crossbones insignia.

For the female pirate who wants a more masculine look, this year's lady pirates are wearing a loose white blouse with ruffles on cuffs and collar, black trousers and knee length lace up boots with a high heel.

The more feminine lady pirate prefers to wear a loose white blouse with ruffles on cuff and collar, a short gypsy style skirt and Knee length lace up boots with a high heel.

Some lady pirate's prefer to wear a Gothic black or scarlet knee length dress with the black knee length boots.

Mary Read at Pirate's Fashion Week

Mary Read was one of the first female pirates, she liked her victims to know that they were defeated by a woman.
Mary Read was one of the first female pirates, she liked her victims to know that they were defeated by a woman. | Source

Pirate Parrot the ultimate accessory

This pirate took advantage, and bought all of the accesories on offer at this years pirate fashion week.
This pirate took advantage, and bought all of the accesories on offer at this years pirate fashion week. | Source

Pirate Accessories

No male or female pirate would be fully dressed without their pirate accessories and at pirate fashion week all of the latest and trendiest accessories were on display from the skull and cross bone gold earrings to the must have parrot on the shoulder.

Pirate belt or Scarf

Pirates trousers have a habit of falling down to their ankles, this year at fashion week belts were introduced to stop this from happening, the belts were broad black leather with huge buckles some in the shape of the skull and cross bones. For those who couldn't afford belts though there was a cheaper solution, a scarlet or black scarf tied around the waist kept the trousers in place to help spare some blushes.

Pirate Eye Patch

Let your victims believe that you are hardened in battle; make them think that you have lost your eye in a fight. The black eye patch will show them that even though you may have lost an eye you are not scared to go into battle again. It makes you look hard and war torn.

Pirate Hook

Rather than cut off your hand get a hook with a handle, again this makes you look like the blood thirsty battle hardened pirate that you are, the hook also comes in handy for scratching an itchy back.

Pirate Peg Leg

The pirate's peg leg for the pirate who has lost his leg in battle, or if you don't want your leg cut off you can get one which you can kneel on, just remember to cover the bottom of your leg up so that your victims don't discover your ruse.

Pirate parrot

What would a pirate be without a parrot on his shoulder, this year's fashion is to have either a red colored parrot or a green colored parrot, the blue colored parrot is so last year. You want your parrot to sound Macho when he talks so teach it to say "Pieces of eight" rather than "Pretty Polly".

Talk Like a Pirate

How to Talk Like a Pirate

Now that you look like a pirate it's time to talk like a pirate, to talk like a pirate you need to dig down deep into your throat and growl as you speak after all a high pitched squeaky voice won't put the fear into anyone, they would roll around the floor laughing their heads off at you.

Below you will find a table of the most used pirate words and their English meaning this should help you on your way to being the most feared pirate that ever roamed the seas.

How To Talk Like a Pirate

a General Sound of Exclaimation
Look at That
Yes Sir (responding to an order)
Gold Coin
Piece of Eight
Spanish gold or silver coin
Walk the Plank
Be forced to leave a ship on the open sea via a plank of wood
Shiver Me Timbers
Expression of Surprise
Jolly Roger
Pirate flag
Sea Dog
Experienced Sailor
Beer or Rum
Land Lubber
A Non Sailor
Me Beauty
A Beautiful Lady, Item or a Pet
Heave to
Stop what you are doing and listen
Keel Haul
Tied to the keel of the ship as punishment
Yo Ho Ho
Pirate Laugh
Sea Rover
Pirate Ship
Me Hearty
My Friend

Set Sail on the Seven Seas

Now that you look, walk and talk like a pirate, its time to set sail on your great adventure. Seek out the buried treasure, wreck havoc on unsuspecting ships and live a life of depravity and debauchery. have fun on your trip and god speed.


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    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Yo Ho Ho scallywag it's time to walk the plank! Lol

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      I love your post! If I were going to a part today to celebrate this day - I would be the best dressed and have the jargon to boot!

    • jimmythejock profile imageAUTHOR

      James Paterson 

      6 years ago from Scotland

      Arrr mateys cheers for jumping aboard my ship and leaving your marks, twas so good hearing from y'all .....jimmy

    • Paraglider profile image

      Dave McClure 

      6 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

      What inspired this one Jimmy? Great fun :}

    • DipityDesigns profile image


      6 years ago from England

      Hah! Very timely, as I'm going to a "Pirates VS Aliens" party tomorrow! I'll be sure to pick up some tips. Thanks!

    • mythbuster profile image


      6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Laughing at the language lesson/Talk Like a Pirate. Thanks for sharing arrrrrrr. Very funny me hearty!

    • neeleshkulkarni profile image


      6 years ago from new delhi

      the answer to a middle aged soon to retire typical bug city soft executives dreams- a career as a pirate. just as i was mulling various post retirement options her comes this wonderful bit of career counseling!

      sign me up matey, this land lubber wants to be a sea dog..

      btw - i wont have to take my wife along no????that might complicate matters since i would be forced to again become just a mouse instead of aa sea rat and she wouldn't surely let me watch when the feminine female pirate starts showing the vanquished guy that she IS indeed a female.

    • tammyswallow profile image


      6 years ago from North Carolina

      This is as fun as it can be! Very enjoyable.


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