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How To Beat Candy Crush Soda Level 208

Updated on October 6, 2015

CandyCrush Soda Level 208 Layout

What makes Candy Crush Soda level 208 seem simple is the basic looking layout, especially after some of the complicated layouts you just went through to get here. However, looks can be deceiving. Everything important happens over to the left, where you can't do anything manually. Instead, you have to rely on the right generation of special combinations.

It starts with four rows of candy above a line of double-layer honeycomb (you'll have to pop it twice to make it go away.) Beneath is a single row on a single row of purple liquid. In between is empty. Less obvious is the single column to the left, divided into a top and bottom filled with spirals. At the end of each is a dispenser that sends out bottles.

The objective is to pop eight bottles.

You get 35 moves.

Level 208 Candy Crush Soda Start


The Trick to Level 208 Candy Crush Soda

What looks like a really simple Candy Crush Soda level to beat is actually very tricky. There are no bottles on the screen to start the game, and they do not fall into the normal play area like on other levels. Instead, they are dispensed into the left most column that starts out filled with spirals, and they only come out one or two at a time. That means even if you burst a powerful combination that takes out most of the board, you will still only pop one or two of the eight bottles needed.

The extra complication to level 208 in Candy Crush Soda is the rising liquid level.

At the beginning of the game, bottles cannot be dispensed from the bottom division of the left column because the liquid is not high enough for them to float out. Don't bother bursting any spirals in the bottom part until after you've popped your first bottle. After, you have popped bottle 7, the liquid level is too high for the top division dispenser. If you don't already have a bottle up there, you never will. You must adjust your play accordingly, and hope your fish seek out the bottom dispenser area.

This arrangement takes a reworking of your usual winning Candy Crush Soda strategy.

Candy Crush Soda Level 208 Strategy

You must pop 8 bottles to win Candy Crush Soda Level 208. So, how do we go about beating level 208 and popping those bottles?

First, bottles are only dispensed in the left column. The other slot of the left column are filled with spirals. That means you cannot directly match and pop soda bottles on this level. You must be able to pop them "remotely" if you will either with a fish, a horizontal blast, or a color bomb.

Unfortunately, the candy fish will sometimes go to remaining honeycomb pieces, so you want to get rid of the honey as soon as possible. This leaves only bottles and spirals as the destination for your candy fish.

The strategy for winning level 208 of Candy Crush Soda relies on producing and launching as many fish as you can. Remember, matching a square shape pattern of candies produces a fish. It is the target seeking feature of the candy fish that makes them valuable in this level since the bottles you must pop to win are both inaccessible, and uncommon.

Usually, you should pass up the chance to make candy fish in order to make striped candies or wrapped candies. The opposite is true on this level. Most other power candies will actually be of limited value. Striped candies are usually very powerful, but on this level, their effect is low. Vertical striped candies will destroy a row, but do nothing to help you pop any bottles. Horizontal striped candies can hit a bottle or spiral, but must be in exactly the right row to do so.

Wrapped candies offer no possibility of either releasing or popping soda bottles.

Even color bomb candy are of limited value. Since only one or two bottles will typically be visible at a time, an exploding candy bomb is only going to trigger one or two bottles for you.

Basically, the strategy is to create and launch enough fish before your number of moves runs out.

Fish Are Best for Level 208

Making fish are more important than making striped candy in this level.
Making fish are more important than making striped candy in this level. | Source

To Win Level 208 Candy Crush Soda

As always, there will be moments in your game where you can do something very big and helpful to yourself. Do not pass up these opportunities. But, all else being equal, this is your strategy guide, in order.

To beat level 208 in Candy Crush Soda:

  1. Make and launch candy fish - This will release and pop the soda bottles you need to get to win the game.
  2. Eat away the middle honey line - This will keep your fish from being wasted by going after honey.
  3. Create striped candy - You are hoping for horizontal stripes. Be sure to see where the horizontal blast will go. Do not waste them by popping ones in line with the unfilled area of the left hand column.
  4. Match a color bomb to a bottle color if possible. - You don't need to match the most candies, like you normally would. This level is all about the bottles.
  5. Remember this level is about bottles, big matches and big explosions do nothing put boost your points. You only have 35 moves. Don't waste them making big bangs that do nothing to defeat level 208.

Watch Your Blast Zones

Don't waste your stripe by matching in the middle.
Don't waste your stripe by matching in the middle. | Source

Level Difficulty

4 stars for Level 208 Candy Crush Soda

How Well Are You Doing?

Getting 4 out of 8 bottles is pretty easy.

Anything between five and six bottles is doing well.

Unfortunately, those last two bottles are the hard ones. Fortunately, you won't have too many of those times where you could win with just one more move. Most often, you'll finish with less than seven bottles, and when you do get 7 out of 8 bottle, chances are you will need more than just one or two more moves to get bottle number 8. That makes spending the gold bars for five more moves probably not a good idea on this level, unless you can already see how you would win with just one or two more chances.

Keep trying, and of course you can always pay money to get specials that will make winning the level easier if that is the way you play Candy Crush Soda.

Hoow Hard is CandyCrush Soda Level 208

How Many Tries Did Candy Crush Soda Level 208 Take You to Beat?

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