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How To Beat Interchange in Special Ops For Modern Warfare 3

Updated on November 14, 2011


Special Ops: Interchange Survival Tips

Modern Warfare 3 special ops survival is one of my favorite types of game types to play, as you probably know its very challenging and I hope that you find this Special ops guide helpful. I will be revealing Special ops tips for modern warfare 3 that I have tested and used to get beyond the first 20 waves of special ops. For this particular guide, I will be telling you how to beat Interchange in Special Ops mode for Modern Warefare 3.

Survival Strategies For Interchange On Modern Warfare 3

When you start Special ops survival missions, its best to use the pistol for as long as you can. But once you kill the first enemy, do your best to pick up their shotgun "Model 1877" and continue killing enemies with your pistol. But when you do kill the remaining enemies, make sure you run over their bodies to collect ammo for your shotgun. You will usually get about 3 Model 1887 rounds for each gun that you pick up, and the maximum amount of ammo you can carry is 56 rounds.

Continue using the shotgun and pistol as long as you can, and once the enemies are using the MP5, kill them and pick up the MP5 so that it replaces your pistol. This will help you prepare for the later rounds that involve enemies with upgraded armor. But be sure to continue picking up the MP5 ammo so that you can make use of the gun for the next few rounds.

Once you get to round 5 or 6, you will probably be running out of MP5 ammo and you should have a decent amount of cash depending on how many enemies you killed in the previous rounds. If you have the cash it would be wise to upgrade your weapon to replace the MP5, as you get further in the waves of enemies you will notice that the enemies are harder to kill. Its best to get a stronger gun like the AK47 or another assault rifle to effectively kill enemies. I also use the Model 1887 in these rounds because the ammo is free (I picked it up from previous enemies). The Model 1887 shotgun is also extremely effective for shooting attack dogs.

If you are having trouble killing enemies and you find yourself overwhelmed. It may be wise to go to the aircraft support box and purchase the delta support perk, this will help to prevent being bombarded by multiple enemies at once. I also will start to purchase some explosives after round 7, flashbang grenades are extremely useful when you need to buy yourself time, and frag grenades can take out large groups of enemies. If you prefer to use claymores or C4, that is definitely advisable as well. Claymores are a great way to ensure that the enemies don't surround you, I usually place them along entries that are behind me so that I don't get any unpleasant surprises.

Once you get to round 9 or 10, you want to make sure that you have a good supply of ammo, explosives, and possibly an airstrike available. During round 9 or 10 you will most likely encounter juggernauts that are dropped by helicopters. My strategy for dealing with juggernauts usually involves waiting near the helicopter that is dropping the juggernaut, and prior to the juggernaut landing I will throw down 2 or 3 C4 explosives near the landing area.

Once the juggernaut lands, detonate the C4 explosives. If you find yourself in a corner and needing to get away, throw flash grenades to buy some time. Flash grenades are very effective on juggernauts. If you cannot kill the juggernaut with grenades, C4 explosives and claymore mines, I recommend using flashbang grenades and a high caliber machine gun that is an AK47 at the very least, and definitely AIM FOR THE JUGGERNAUTS HEAD. If you are tight on cash and resources, you can also lay claymore mines and C4 within the path that the juggernaut is taking, as he chases you on that path detonate the C4 explosives or plant some claymore mines. The best way to deal with juggernauts is to take advantage of corners and barriers, do not attack a juggernaut head on. Furthermore, if you've taken a lot of damage it my be wise to buy the body armor at the explosives box before you take on juggernauts.

After The 10th Wave of Enemies

After the 10th wave of enemies, you will want to take a serious look at your inventory. Make sure you have an airstrike handy or a delta force team helping you out because you will soon encounter larger teams of enemies with upgraded weapons like AK47. One of the reasons I like to purchase the AK47 rather than other assault rifles is the fact that you can pick up AK47 rounds from enemies after you defeat them. Its a great way to save money for other things.

You also want to take a look at your explosives and possibly body armor incase things get messy. I rely on the claymore mines and C4 explosives a lot in the beginning of the waves, its a very effective way to take out more than 6 enemies at once when you place C4 explosives in places that enemies usually spawn near, using doors, gates, entryways is the best place for explosive devices.

When you and your teammate are overwhelmed by enemies, dont forget to use flashbang grenades, grenades and most importantly "airstrikes" and "predator missiles". After round 12 you will notice that it is much harder to kill enemies due to upgraded body armor, but the good news is that you get more cash for killing those enemies.

Attacking Helicopters

When you encounter a wave that involves attack helicopters, its very wise to anticipate it by having a fully loaded high caliber weapon (at least an AK47), but light machine guns work much better because they are higher caliber and you have much longer rounds. Light machine guns are extremely effective when it comes to taking out an attack helicopter. After round 12 or 13, I recommend switching your Model 1887 shotgun for a light machine gun.

Attacking Multiple Juggernauts

There will definitely be some challenging times after wave 10 that involve you attacking multiple juggernauts simultaneously. Its best to prepare for this by having an airstrike perk handy, and if you prefer you could even use a predator missile. But for this Modern Warfare tutorial I recommend using the airstrike because it can take out more than one juggernaut at once. When there are multiple juggernauts I usually wait near one of the landing juggernauts and plant C4 explosives, and I detonate them, shoot him a little, then I take cover while throwing an airstrike grenade. I usually throw an airstrike grenade when at least 2 juggernauts are together.


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