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Pickers Adventures In Rust: How to Beat Expert Level

Updated on June 16, 2013

Beating, Pickers: Adventure In Rust’s Expert level can be quite a challenge. It’s impossible to predict the hottest categories that will pop up, so predicting which big dollar items you’ll be able to sell quickly is hard. There is a system that works quite well by allowing you to buy big dollar items cheaply and keeping a steady cash flow so you can keep making purchases. Using this system will guarantee you beat Expert Level on Pickers.

Getting a good deal from all the junk dealers in Pickers and keeping them happy isn’t easy, but if you use this trick you will be able to capitalize on the junk dealer’s mood to get the best price. First thing you will need to do is find a cheap item to buy. Any item less than $100 will do, but the cheaper the better. Pay twice the amount the junk dealer asks, so if the item is $5 pay him $10. No matter how upset the dealer is, this will automatically put him in a good mood. Next find the most expensive items you can afford and bundle them together. The junk dealer will give you the bundle price for all the items, divide that number by 4, which the junk dealer will most likely reject and give you a slightly lower price than he first asked. Keep dividing his offer by 4 until his mood goes back into the red zone then accept his final offer. (Warning if you push him too far he will return all the items and potentially raise the price on you.) You can use the appraisal function to see if the dealer will lower the price for you, but this function works best on Patrick Merman’s Apartment, Ethel Dowdy’s Home, and Sharp’s Warehouse, as they normally over charge for their items.

As stated before it’s impossible to predict which junk category will be the hottest category, and the auction function works best if you auction off the hottest items, so pricing your items properly is key to using this strategy. The best way to price your items is to charge 10X the amount you pay for items you have to combine, and 3x the amount you pay for single items, so if the motorcycle on Ray Akin’s Bus you have to put together sells for $2000 then you will charge $20,000 as your price, and if the gas pump on Ray Akin’s Bus cost $600 to buy and refurbish it then you will charge $1800 as your sell price. Using these guidelines will get you customers that will buy from you or make you an offer. Selling items this way will keep you with cash on hand so you can buy more expensive items later on. Another way to get more cash to buy items is to use the hidden object boards on each junk dealer, but do not find the last item. This will get you the cash bonuses for the search items, but you won’t lose a slot you can buy something big with.

Using this strategy is extremely effective for beating Pickers: Adventures in Rust on Expert Level. You can gain profits over $400,000 this way, which will keep you at the top of the leader board. This method is also effective in winning most of the achievement trophies in the game. Mix up the items you buy to keep the game interesting, and have fun kicking people’s butts on Expert Level.


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