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The Importance of Video Gaming

Updated on June 22, 2020
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Gaming has been part of me all my life and i love sharing my experiences, tricks and tips to others. Check out my youtube channel for more.

Gaming has so many benefits which people ignore but in this article, I'm going to talk about the importance of gaming in the modern world.

Industries such as Ubisoft, Rockstar games, Sony, etc. have built their industry on gaming and this companies have become multi-million companies but today I am going to focus on what a gamer gains when he or she plays game.

What Is Gaming?

Gaming is the action or practice of playing video games. There are different types of gaming which are:

*Online gaming

*Mobile gaming

*Console gaming

*Pc gaming etc.

Video games have contributed negatively and positively on the youth but it has also made life more interesting for such individuals.

Importance Of Gaming

Below I'm going to list five importance of gaming.

These importance listed below have been proven and accepted as accurate and meaningful.

1. Gaming teaches individuals how to make decisions.

Interactive games such as Walking Dead allows gamers to make decisions which affect the storyline of the character. For example, The Walking Dead Season 2, the character has to make a decision at the beginning which involved her coming out of the washroom when asked or restrict movement. This type of situations in the game may lead to the death of the main character or the death of a non-player character in the game. This type of situations teaches the gamer to make decisions during a limited time and shows the gamer the consequences of the decision he or she makes. Games like Stanley's parable and The Wolf Among Us also interact and teach gamers how to make decisions.

2. Gaming helps diminish stress.

Playing games helps individuals to reduce their stress levels easily. When you begin to pay games, your mind automatically focuses on what you are doing and begins to process the information. This puts all of your focus on the game which relaxes the brain and reduces your stress levels. Games like Candy Crush Saga, Zuma Revenge, Angry birds etc. help reduce stress. Such games calm an individual even when he or she is angry, depressed or facing other problems. This puts the individual in a good spot and keeps him or her happy. Another way to relief stress is through Virtual Reality devices. Virtual Reality ( basically known as V.R.) devices can project a serene environment which allows an individual to relax and enjoy themselves. With Virtual reality, individuals are able to explore or take vacations without even leaving their homes.

3. Gaming helps develop creative individuals

Creative games such as Minecraft help individuals to express the creative talents in the pixel interface. With different variety of tools and equipments, gamers can create different architectural designs and gadgets when the game is set to creative mode.

Because of the games creative nature, the game has been awarded the best game continuously and the company is making millions. Minecraft unlocks the creative parts of individuals and changes them into visionaries.

4. Gaming Makes Individuals Strategic.

Clash of Clans, Guns of Boom and other R.P.G. games makes individuals strategic. This games allow gamers to plan how their virtual landscapes will look and how to defend their creation from other players in the program. Gamers are also allowed to gain resources and other materials from attacking other players on the game. This improves the gamers ability to make plans and strategize and this opens up their minds and builds up their intelligence.

If you check on the YouTube platform for games like this, you would see that gamers have put in much time and built up their landscapes and made it incredible. These gamers form strong defence and offense systems which makes their virtual landscapes impenetrable.

5. Games Helps Individuals To Interact With Other Players.

Gamers are able to interact with other players through multiplayer games or online battlegrounds. Games like fortnite, PUBG Battlegrounds help Gamers to interact with other players all over the world during battle. Gamers may interact during squad matches or even solo matches. Squad matches are matches where individual players join squads which can be filled with friends in the game or strangers. The gamer gets to talk to other players during the gameplay and this counts as interaction and promotes teamwork among players. After gameplay, gamers may send friend requests to you and may even begin to chat outside the game. This types of games contribute to socializing and you maybe you would meet the friends you make in the game in the real world.


That's it, This are my top 5 importance of gaming. After reading through this article, I hope the information provided above has benefited you and if you thought gaming was not important, I hope your mindset has been changed because of these examples.

There may be disadvantages of gaming but it's advantages should also be considered. Thank you for reading this article. Leave your comments below and contact me if you have any questions. Follow me for more articles like this and check out my social platforms for more gaming experience.


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