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How To Build Circular Minecraft Buildings

Updated on February 27, 2011
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For more hints and tips, visit: | Source

Building circular buildings with square blocks might at first sound like a challenge beyond the grasp of any mere mortal, even one with an over sized pocket calculator. But there are ways to achieve this feat and all you need is humble MS Paint. No special tools, no special downloads, no fancy mods. Just your wits and a paint program that knew Carmen Sandiego as a child.

To begin designing your circular building, open MS Paint and activate the grid option. The grid is your friend as it will define the individual blocks that you'll use as you create your circular building, be it a tower, a turret, and arena or anything else with curves.

Once the grid is on, use the zoom or magnify feature to magnify everything to the maximum. Then select the smallest draw size and mark your circle out. You'll see as you draw that the circle isn't actually a circle at all, rather it is a series of cubes. (Much like the internet, which isn't a net at all, but a series of tubes, as a famous Gore once said.) If you want a perfectly circular circle and not an oval or some other godless permutation that looks like a circle but totally isn't, then hold down shift as you draw.

This method is an excellent way of creating circular buildings large and small. Simply plan out your circles using paint and then execute your vision in the realm of Minecraft. Paint is also useful for planning other kinds of Minecraft creations, from bridges to buildings and back again. With your one paint cube as one Minecraft cube method, you can have your creations sketched out right from the beginning, which saves horrid moments when you realize you've made one wall too short.

One thing you will find using this method is that you'll probably be building bigger than you used to. The larger the scale of your building, the more scope there is for realistic looking curves and waves. Next time you decide you want to build something impressive looking, plan it out using either MS Paint or graph paper. You'll soon see how much more space you'll need once you start construction and though it might be more work mining all those extra resources, there's always INVedit (Gasp! Heresy!)

So, there we go, video games have taught us the value of long term planning and strategy. They are therefore, good for us and should be served along with Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli at dinner time.


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