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How To Cheat On Words With Friends

Updated on March 15, 2012

If you are tired of losing at Words With Friends, or even if you are just starting to play and can't stand the thought of ever losing in the first place, this is the information you've been looking for. The only way anyone beats you if you are using this is if they are as well and just get luckier on the tiles.

When you decide to cross that line and just plain cheat at Words With Friends, you may as well use the best tool possible. The best one I have found is the Lexical Word Finder, and it is super easy to use. Just head on over to the link above and start typing. If you get first turn just enter your available tiles, if you opponent went first you will need to type what they played onto the board. The site will search for the highest possible word and place to put it and show you that one by default. If however you want to be a little less obvious with your cheating you can click the "more..." link up top and see all possible moves displayed. Then just pick a word that isn't inconceivable for you to actually know and when you select it you will be shown where it would need to be played for best score.

Once you have made your move you will need to save the address of the current lexical word finder page. The full game board so far is stored in the URL so saving it will let you reload the board with all previous moves on it already when your friend makes their next move and you need to update it. I would recommend copy and pasting it into a text file with the name of the person you are playing above it. This way you can keep several games going and be able to paste links to each and easily pick the right one when it's time to impersonate a person with a great vocabulary again.


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    jallaen 5 years ago also deserves a mention. It supports more langauges (practice your french!) and has a friendlier interface.