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How To Collect Stamps In Stamp Album of Neopets

Updated on January 2, 2014

How To Start Collecting Stamps In Neopets


Stamp collector is a very popular hobby but it is costly thing to do on Neopets. This is where you could collect rare stamps for your collection. Achieving a full stamp collection is extremely difficult since there are many rare stamps, which can be expensive and hard to find. Although it is difficult and complicated, stamp collecting can be a lot of fun. The basic things that you have to remember in your stamp album: each page of your album can contain twenty-five stamps, and these stamps belong to certain Neopian themes. There are twenty stamps that are easy to find, and then 5 stamps at the bottom that are extremely rare stamps. And these stamps should be included in the thirty Neopet themes.

Why did I choose to start collecting?

I decided to collect stamps because it is much easier to do so compared to playing tons of virtual games, getting avatars and other random events in Neopets. Although I haven't acquired a trophy for having a high score in Stamp Collector category, it seems fulfilling to see that I have a decent collection.

What are the things that one should need in stamp collecting? The things that you will need: Neopets account and Neopoints or NP, which you will earn from playing a lot of games.


1. You should have account in neopet or open a neopets account. If you want to be safe all the time, never share your passwords and do not save your passwords on a public computer to prevent hacking and scamming.
2. Click shops then choose Neopet Central. When you go to the Neopet Central, you will be able to find the Post Office Kiosk, which is next to the NC Mall and Neolodge.
3. When you choose to go to the post office, you will see the shopkeeper that will say: "Rare stamps for your collection!" You could see the available stamps under the shopkeeper.
4. Buy the available stamps, which is available at the Post Office Kiosk.
5. You can save neopoints when you haggle and indicate the lower price than the suggested retail price.
6. You could look for affordable stamps using shop wizard such as: grackle bug stamp, mist kougra stamp, dice-a-roo stamp, grimillix stamp, gormball stamp, mystery island kougra, black bearog stamp, mr. irgo stamp, mystery island aishas stamp, etc.
7. Put the stamp by clicking the stamp in your inventory and choosing the option: put it in your stamp album.
8. You could also find stamps from auctions, user shops and trading post.

Tips And Warnings:

* As I indicated earlier, do not share your passwords to anyone and do not save passwords in a public computer. In this way, you will be safe from hackers and scammers.
* You should have a lot of neopoints so that you could buy the rare and expensive stamps.
* You could also collect coins to put in the Space Station Coins category, shells in the Sea Shells category as well as coins and charms.
* Check the overview so that you will know what stamp you are missing and what theme which you are going to collect next time.
* Once you place a stamp into your album you can not take it out again, which means you cannot resell it on auctions or trading post or even put the stamp in your shop.
* Evil coconuts are really expensive but you could get it if you are lucky in playing coconut shy game.
* If you have a rare stamp, which you plan to trade or sell in the auction or trading posts, the smart thing to do is put it on your safety deposit box.

What Neopet stamp themes and stamps that are included in the collection:

1. Mystery Island - includes Jhuidah Stamp, Island Native Stamp, Mystery Island Hut Stamp, Assorted Fruits Stamp, Triangular Flotsam Stamp, Zeenana Stamp, Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp, Island Acara Stamp, Haiku Stamp, Mystery Island Heads Stamp, Bottle of Sand Stamp, Island Uni Stamp, Mystery Island Chef Stamp, Tombola Stamp, Mystery Island Kiko Stamp, Island Mystic Stamp and Ryshu Stamp. Rare stamps include: Need a Better Printer Stamp, Upside Down Island Acara Stamp, One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp, Misaligned Printer Stamp and Nibbled Cooking Pot Stamp.

2. Virtupets - includes Grimilix Stamp, Neopet Version 2 Stamp, Gormball Stamp, Splat-A-Sloth Stamp, Dr. Sloth Stamp, Space Faerie Stamp, Grinning Sloth Stamp, Zygorax Stamp, Purple Grundo Stamp, Commander Garoo Stamp, Roast Gargapple Stamp, N4 Bot Stamp, Blarthrox Stamp, Tazzalor Stamp, Zyrolon Stamp, Advert Attack Stamp, Evil Fuzzles Stamp, Gargarox Isafuhlarg Stamp, Mutant Grundo Stamp and Zurroball Stamp. Rare stamps include Double Printed Evil Fuzzle Stamp, Inverted Space Faerie Stamp, Grundo Warehouse Stamp, Virtupets Space Station Stamp and Holographic Virtupets Stamp.

3. Tyrannia - includes Chomby Stamp, Tyrannian Elephante Stamp, Grarrg Stamp, Tyrannian Kougra Stamp, Tyrannia Stamp, Omelette Stamp, Tar Pit Stamp, Wock Til You Drop Stamp, Tyrannian Grarrl Stamp, Chunk of Meat Stamp, Tyrannian Kyrii Stamp, Tyrannian JubJub Stamp, Tyrannian Korbat Stamp, Tyrannian Blumaroo Stamp, Tyrannian Plateau Stamp, Flying Korbats Stamp, Stone Armchair Stamp, Giant Leaf Curtains Stamp, Bone Chair Stamp and Tyrannian Usul Stamp. Rare stamps include: Monocerous Stamp, Kyruggi Stamp, Discovery of Fire Stamp, Shiny Monoceraptor Stamp and Stone Stamp.

4. Haunted Woods - includes Brain Tree Stamp, Esophagor Stamp, Fetch! Stamp, Haunted Mansion Stamp, Spyder Stamp, Scary Tree Stamp, Hubrid Nox Stamp, Mutant Usul Stamp, Rock Stamp, Carnival of Terror Stamp, Korbats Lab Stamp, Luperus Left Head Stamp, Luperus Centre Head Stamp, Luperus Right Head Stamp, Halloween Aisha Stamp, Spooky Gravestone Stamp, Moonlit Werelupe Stamp, Moonlit Esophagor Stamp, Edna the Zafara Stamp and Glowing Brain Tree Stamp. Rare stamps include: ARGH!!!! DONNA STAMP, Count Von Roo Stamp, Misprint Meuka Stamp, Holographic Magax Stamp and Foil Slorg Stamp.

5. Neopia Central - includes: Alien Aisha Vending Stamp, Orange Skeith Stamp, Skeith Bank Manager Stamp, Robot Skeith Stamp, Huberts Hot Dogs Stamp, Wishing Well Stamp, Money Tree Stamp, Rainbow Pool Stamp, Kauvara Stamp, Shop Wizard Stamp, Book Shop Nimmo Stamp, Petpets Stamp, Seasonal Stamp, Neolodge Stamp, Year 5 Stamp, Deluxe Money Tree Stamp, Neopian Hospital Stamp, Jelly Pop Stamp, Jelly World Stamp and Usukiland Stamp. Rare stamps include: Super Bright Rainbow Pool Stamp, Foil Food Shop Stamp, Chocolate Factory Stamp, Midnight Jelly World Stamp and Neopia Central Scene Stamp.

6. NeoQuest - includes NeoQuest Logo Stamp, NeoQuest Hero Stamp, Jahbal Stamp, Rotting Skeleton Stamp, Mist Kougra Stamp, Plains Aisha Stamp, Two Rings Archmagus Stamp, Boraxis The Healer Stamp, Two Rings Crusader Stamp, Pomanna Stamp, Mokti and Rikti Stamp, Mr Irgo Stamp, Black Bearog Stamp, Gatekeeper Stamp, Leirobas Stamp, Archmagus of Roo Stamp, Golden Mr Irgo Stamp, Zombie Faelinn Stamp, Kreai Stamp and Morax Dorangis Stamp. Rare stamps include: Guardian Of Spectral Magic Stamp, Tylix Stamp, Eleus Stamp, Gors The Mighty Stamp and Xantan Stamp

7. Snowy Valley - includes Snow Wars Catapult Stamp, Rainbow Slushie Stamp, Frosty Snowman Stamp, Wintery Bruce Stamp, Christmas Meerca Stamp, Terror Mountain Scene Stamp, Igloo Garage Sale Stamp, Rink Runner Stamp, Christmas Kougra Stamp, Christmas Uni Stamp, Christmas Zafara Stamp, Scratchcard Kiosk Stamp, Candychan Stamp, Grundo Snow Throw Stamp, Cliffhanger Stamp, Christmas Scene Stamp, SHFISS Stamp and Negg Faerie Stamp. Rare stamps include: Snow Faerie Stamp, Ski Lodge Stamp, Snowager Stamp, Snowbunny Stamp and Sticky Snowflake Stamp.

8. Meridell vs. Darigan - includes Meridell Heroes Stamp, Darigan Citadel Stamp, Meridell Castle Stamp, Green Knight Stamp, Lisha vs Zombie Lisha Stamp, Morris Stamp, Skeith Defender Stamp, Darigan Moehog Stamp, Boris Stamp, Draik Guard Stamp, Yellow Knight Stamp, Meridell Shield Stamp, Drackonack Stamp, Darigan Shield Stamp, Darigan Eyrie Stamp, Turmaculus Stamp, Darigan Elemental Stamp, Illusen Stamp, Jeran Stamp and Golden Orb Stamp. Rare stamps include Zombified Heroes Stamp, Lord Darigan Stamp, King Skarl Stamp, Master Vex Stamp and Darigan Spectre Stamp.

9. Lost Desert - includes Golden Khamette Stamp, Desert Petpet Stamp, Pyramid Sun Rise Stamp, Lost Desert Grarrl Stamp, Advisor Wessle Stamp, Senator Palpus Stamp, Midnight Desert Lupe Stamp, Ummagine Stamp, Osiris Pottery Stamp, Senator Barca Stamp, Desert Paint Brush Stamp, Peopatra Stamp, Grackle Bug Stamp, Princess Sankara Stamp, Lost Desert Scroll Stamp, Lost Desert Sphinx Stamp, Tug of War Stamp, Fruit Machine Stamp, Sakhmet Palace Stamp and Holographic Sakhmet City Stamp. Rare stamps include: Geb Stamp, Coltzan Stamp, Scarab Stamp, Lucky Coin Stamp and Holographic Coltzans Shrine Stamp.

10. The Battledome - includes Sword of Skardsen Stamp, Attack Pea Stamp, Slorg Flakes Stamp, Faerie Slingshot Stamp, Hubrids Puzzle Box Stamp, Eraser of the Dark Faerie Stamp, Jhudoras Bewitched Ring Stamp, Everlasting Crystal Apple Stamp, Sword of the Air Faerie Stamp, Jewelled Scarab Stamp, Rod of Dark Nova Stamp, Jade Scorchstone Stamp, Thyoras Tear Stamp, Exploding Space Bugs Stamp, Monoceraptor Claw Stamp, Wand of the Dark Faerie Stamp, Alien Aisha Myriad Stamp, Alien Aisha Ray Gun Stamp, Kings Lens Stamp and Ring of Sloth Stamp. Rare stamps include: Illusens Staff Stamp, Shield of Pion Troect Stamp, Rainbow Sticky Hand Stamp,
Dark Battle Duck Stamp and Battle Slices Stamp.

11. Coins - includes Silver Babaa Coin, Book Coin, Brass Usuki Coin, Money Tree Coin, Rainbow Pool Coin, Eliv Thade Coin, Turtum Coin, Silver Buzzer Coin, Snow Paint Brush Coin, Frozen Snowflake Coin, Silver Concert Hall Coin, Hasee Coin, Bronze Mystery Island Coin, Golden Scarab Coin, Giant Ghostkerchief Coin, Defenders of Neopia Coin, Goo Blaster Coin, Larnikin Coin, Paint Brush Coin and Chocolate Factory Coin. Rare stamps include: Battledome Coin, Dr Sloth Coin, Crystal Kauvara Coin, Neopian Times Coin and Emerald Eyrie Coin

12. Maraquan - includes Maractite Dagger Stamp, Piraket Stamp, Seaweed Necklace Stamp, Petty Crewmate Stamp, Maraquan Defenders Stamp, Pirate Attack Stamp, Goregas Stamp, The Black Pawkeet Stamp, Scurvy Island Stamp, New Maraqua Stamp, Pirate Troops Stamp, Maraquan Troops Stamp, Chasm Beast Stamp, The Drenched Stamp, Maraquan Charger Stamp, Maraquan Blade Specialist Stamp, Garin To The Rescue Stamp, Caylis Stamp, Swordsmaster Talek Stamp and The Revenge Stamp. Rare stamps include: Jacques Stamp, Garin Stamp, Isca Stamp, Captain Scarblade Stamp, and King Kelpbeard Stamp.

13. Altador - includes Siyana Stamp, First Edition Altador Petpet Stamp, Fauna Stamp, Jerdana Stamp, The Wave Stamp, Marak Stamp, Altadorian Farmer Stamp, Gordos Stamp, Psellia Stamp, Second Edition Altador Petpet Stamp, Perfectly Flat Rock Stamp, Kelland Stamp, Altador Food Stamp, Florin Stamp, Astronomy Club Stamp, Finneus Stamp, Altador Magic Stamp, The Sleeper Constellation Stamp, Torakor Stamp and Angry Janitor Stamp. Rare stamps include: Darkest Faerie Stamp, Sasha Stamp, Yooyu Celebration Stamp, King Altador Stamp and Altador Colosseum Stamp

14. Shenkuu - includes Shenkuu City Stamp, Kentari Stamp, Negg Noodles Stamp, Linae Stamp, Shenkuu Lunar Temple Stamp Orange Draik Stamp, Captain Tuan Stamp, Anshu Stamp, Enchanted Pudao Stamp, Kazeriu Stamp, Bonju Stamp, Pineapple Dessert Stamp, Cyodrakes Gaze Logo Stamp, Kou-Jong Tile Stamp, Kentari Spyglass Stamp, Hoban Stamp, Thoughtful Linae Stamp, Orrin Stamp, Shumi Telescope Stamp and Biyako Stamp. Rare stamps include: The Cyodrakes Gaze Stamp, Anshu Fishing Stamp, Wise Gnorbu Stamp, Quilin Stamp and Shenkuu Stamp.

Other themes that are included in the stamp album:

15. Battle For Meridell
16. NeoQuest II
17. Other
18. Space Station Coins
19. Evil Coconuts
20. Sea Shells
21. Charms
22. Other Too
23. Faerieland
24. Scarabs
25. Moltara
26. Maractite Coins
27. Qasala
28. Treasures of the Deep
29. Krawk Island
30. Neovia

My Personal Experience:

Although I have not completed my stamp album, I managed to find 227 stamps for my stamp collection. I tried purchasing the cheap stamps on Post Office Kiosk and shops using the Shop Wizard. I can be able to find the rare stamps on auction but it seems higher than the usual NP (neopoints) price of the ordinary stamps. Sometimes I would not win the bidding of the auction but this does not stop me from collecting. I also get free stamps during a random event, going to Petpet Park, buying it from Igloo Garage Sale etc. It seems nice if I will get rare stamps from Advent Calendar without the ghosts stealing them away. Aside from collecting the stamps, it is easier to add shells and coins on my collection. It is because some shells are easier to find and their prices are too cheap and affordable. Your stamp album consists of special pages, which is big enough to contain coins, shells and coconuts. Few extra pages are designed to accommodate these collectables and their function is similar like the stamps pages. And you do not have to worry where will you put the stamps since it automatically goes to whatever page that the stamps belong.


The thing that I usually collect:

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