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How To Create an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt For Preschoolers

Updated on July 26, 2012
Letters are everywhere!
Letters are everywhere! | Source

This is a great activity to help your child learn to identify letters! It's also a wonderful way to pass the time while running errands, and keep the kids learning and entertained at the same time.


Creating the Scavenger Hunt

During an alphabet scavenger hunt, your goal is to find all the letters in the alphabet in your surroundings. This activity teaches kids to spot and identify letters in their environment, which will be in different sizes, colors and fonts. This is great practice for later identifying words in their surroundings.

To prepare for the scavenger hunt, make a list of letters on a piece of paper. Next to each letter, place a line on which to put a check or an "X" once the letter has been found. You will also need a pen or crayon to mark off the letters. I like to put the paper on a clipboard and let the child be in charge of carrying it.

As you go throughout your day, look for letters everywhere you go. They will be on signs, price tags, and even on clothing! The letters can be in words or displayed in other ways. Mark them off as you find them, and you can even sing the "ABC" song each time you locate a letter for added practice. Then, celebrate when you've found them all!

If you want to make a larger event out of the scavenger hunt, plan a special trip around it. I took my son to a shopping mall and we did a letter hunt there. You can plan it for any place that will have a lot of signage or words that are easy for kids to see.


Some variations on the alphabet scavenger hunt include finding both upper and lowercase letters, finding numbers, or even finding sight words. For the more advanced hunter, try marking the color of the letter that was found, or writing down the location where you found it. The possibilities are endless for having fun and learning!


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