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How To Defeat Italy Boss In Mafia Wars

Updated on October 28, 2010
Mafia Wars Italy
Mafia Wars Italy

Yes friends, we now have access to Italy in Mafia Wars and this guide shows exactly the way to defeat all the Italy bosses so that you can conquer Italy ASAP!

Till now Zynga has launched 5 Regions for Mafia Wars Italy: Region 1 - Roma, Region 2 - Palermo, Region 3 - Venezia, Region 4 - Milano and ,Region 5 - Napoli

I found the bosses here fairly easier than the ones we had to face in Las Vegas. The only boss with henchmen is the one in Napoli Tier. The strategy to defeat Italy bosses in Mafia wars is the same which we used to defeat the bosses in Mafia Wars: Las Vegas.

Preparation to Defeat any Italy, Mafia Wars Boss

The key to easily beating any Italy boss is by arming oneself with 10 of each consumables, grenades, shivs, medi pack and most importantly stun guns. People have a hard time finding these consumables. Below mentioned is a method that will cost less energy and also increase the probability of getting these consumables.

How to get Grenades, Shivs, Health Kits and Stun Guns

Make sure that you have full energy and stamina while trying to defeat any boss, for the reason that sometimes it takes more than one go to defeat the boss.

Which calls for a lot of consumables which can only be found as loot drops in jobs and those jobs can only be done if you have enough energy.

The idea is to go to a easy / less energy consuming job which would increase the chance of giving loot drops, so travel to New York > Associate Tier. One can easily find shiv, medi pack and stun guns from here. Just keep clicking until you get 10 of each.

Grenades can be found from any Las Vegas or Italy job. You will also get a few shivs, medi packs and stunguns from jobs in Italy, but those jobs call for a lot of energy.I found that I got the most stun guns with the “Bank Heist” job which consumed 9 energy but that may differ.

I also found that here in Italy all the consumables can be collected while mastering the tiers. So if you are getting all the required stuff from Italy then there no need to go to NY. (I did not for once had to go to NY to collect consumables here in Italy, but in Las Vegas it was a different scene) Most stun guns are found as loot drops from the “Bank Heist” job in NY > Associate tier which consumed 9 energy.

Once you think you have gathered enough of these. Go to your inventory > Loot and scroll down to check if you have 10 stunguns, shivs and health kits.

Helpful Tips

  • Make sure that your stamina and energy is full before trying to defeat any boss
  • Dont ever "Run Away" from any fight because if you run away and come back to beat him again his health will be full.

Strategy to defeat any Italy Boss

Once all 10 items are collected, we’re ready to fight and defeat the boss.

  • Use stun gun, then click attack (Stun guns will not allow the boss to cause any harm to you, so once the boss is stunned you can attack him and he wont harm you)
  • Use shiv/grenade to weaken the boss and again attack (when you use shiv/grenade, and attack the boss, you will lose some of your health)
  • If you get injured use the health kit to heal yourself

This process should be followed again and again, (keep doing steps 1 and 2 i.e. stun-gun-shiv-attack) and there is no way you could lose.

What to know about Don Enzo Casazza?

As mentioned earlier only Don Enzo Casazza from Region 5 - Napoli has henchmen, meaning that when you attack the boss health of bodyguards will decrease and in case you are defeated by the boss in process of killing him, when you come back these bodyguards will regain their health and you will have to start all over again.

If you run out of all consumables and the boss and the boss defeats you (yes if youre out of all consumables, DON’T WORRY, just go back to New York and collect the items again. Once items are collected you can easily go back to the boss (where his health will be less because of your previous attacks) and you will win!

Some of us click on the "Run" button, when they have very less health left. Don't run away! They reheal themselves. Instead of running, keep attacking even if you die. When you are defeated, you go back to NY, heal yourself and go back.. so they will have the same damage that you caused them before you got crushed.

Don’t be afraid of Italy bosses yet, they are not as scary as the Las Vegas boss. So have fun and keep playing MW.


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    • profile image

      raul777 7 years ago

      italy boss in region 5 gold and ruby is a ffffff joke till zynga will do something

    • profile image

      Nicolas 7 years ago

      Well I beated Hills brother by runing away after my 2 henchmens die. Rince and repeat for like 30 minutes.

      But in italy, region ruby lvl, i can barely scratch the henchemens.... so its useless for now

    • profile image

      edenzone 7 years ago

      now the bosses in italy with henchmen ARE impossible to defeat as now. btw, i have a >100k atack and defence stats... help!

    • profile image

      pavcio 7 years ago

      ehh... maybe. but can you tell ma how to defeat enzo casazza on ruby lvl of mastery?? your tactics is worthless when you have only 6 hours to defeat him. enzo has 57k hit points and 2 henchmen! hill bros on ruby lvl had 40k HP, no henchmen, and killing them took 3 days for me!! HELP!!!

    • profile image

      Catlin 7 years ago

      wait for another post realated to Maffia.