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How To Dye Cloth / Wool in Minecraft

Updated on January 13, 2011

With the 1.2 Beta update, an old Alpha Classic returned to the world of Minecraft, dyed wool or dyed cloth, depending on which word more takes your fancy. This is a guide to creating Minecraft dyes, mixing Minecraft dyes and finally, dyeing your Minecraft world in colors that reflect your desires.

In some instances, it is fairly obvious how you obtain the new colored wool and cloth blocks.

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For more Minecraft guides and tips, visit: | Source

As of the time of writing, you will be able to find white, gray and black sheep wandering about in your Minecraft world. But that's not enough and it certainly doesn't begin to dip a toe into the great pool of color that is available to you, intrepid Minecraft stylist.

How To Make Minecraft Dye

In most cases, you simply need to put the object that is used in dye creation in the crafting grid. For example, if you put a red flower in the crafting grid, you will end up with red dye. One red flower will make two red dyes.

Minecraft Dye Color Guide

Primary Colors

Red Flowers = Red Dye

Yellow Flowers = Yellow Dye

Lapiz Lazuli Ore (Blue Ore) = Blue Dye

Cactus = Green Dye

Squid Ink = Black Dye

Bone Meal (Dropped by Skeletons)= White Dye

Secondary Colors

Red Dye + Yellow Dye = Orange Dye

Bone Meal + Red Dye = Pink Dye

Red Dye + Blue Dye = Purple Dye

Green Dye + Bone Meal = Lime Dye

Green Dye + Blue Dye = Cyan Dye

Tertiary Colors

Purple Dye + Pink Dye = Magenta Dye

It is also possible to create a range of grays by adding Bone Meal and Squid Ink together, and by experimenting with these two dyes in conjunction with other colors.

Now we know how to create the colors themselves, how do we get the cloth and wool to be the colors we want them to be?

How To Make Dyed Wool aka How To Dye Minecraft Sheep

There are two main ways to get dyed wool. The fun way, and the crafting block way. In the fun way, you create the dye you wish to use and then you run about, painting sheep wherever you find them. Painted sheep will drop blocks of colored wool when they are shorn. It's also simply possible to put your dye in the crafting block and add wool and go from there.

Dyed wool and cloth are excellent tools for creating more homely minecraft homes and the ubiquitous Minecraft pixel art that pops up everytime anyone who has ever played any game from the 80's and 90's is allowed access to blocks of color.



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