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How To Earn Money With Your Hobby

Updated on June 17, 2012

Juniper Tree-made into a BONSAI

A Hobby Is Your Passion

An individual develops into a well rounded personality if he is passionate about a hobby,in addition to a good job,a loving family and a good social life. Depression and diseases are not part of his life. Every person is therefore encouraged from a young age to pursue something that fascinates them. They wish to do more of it at every opportunity. They look forward to every weekend and holiday to further their creative pursuit. Some hobbies are pursued alone,and some with friends or family. A person can have a combination of such interests to further increase his mental and physical wellbeing, in addition to having a balanced view of life.

What kind of hobbies can one pursue?

Any activity that gives you wholesome satisfaction and a joy to pursue. It should keep you engrossed for hours on end where you are totally immersed and do not worry about anything else. You even begin to make time for this hobby,no matter how busy you get to be. All activities that are generally recreational belong to this category.

Flower Arrangements: Ikebana,a Japanese form of arranging flowers is hotly pursued as a hobby.

Bonsai : The Japanese art of stunting trees to grow in little pots. The tree remains short even after a number of years.These are beautiful to display in one's drawing room,especially when it has colourful fruits or flowers. My husband has a wonderful collection of these beautiful creations some of which are about 40 years old.

Gardening: If you have a small patch of land,you can grow your own flowers,herbs or organic vegetables.If you live in an apartment,you can grow the same in wide pots. Watching greenery grow keeps you healthy and eating what vegetables and herbs you grow adds to it.

Cooking & Baking: Cooking from recipes maintained over generations gives one a high when the family appreciates it. Adding to these recipes of your own creative cooking,be it fusion or trying out recipes from around the world and improvising to suit your palate would be helpful for others down the line. Baking and vegetable carving is also passionately pursued by some.

Arts & Handicrafts: Jewellery making, creating models,origami,making bags,papier mache,dolls,stuffed toys,flower garlands,knitting,sewing,crochetting, fabric painting,art work,tatting,mehendi(henna) art on hands and feet. The list is endless,depending on where you are from and what interests you.

Pets: Breeding dogs,horses,cows,can be a hobby for some.Others may love having pets around the house to care for.Dogs,cats,snakes,birds,turtles,fish aquariums are some common pets.Collecting various types of fish or different breeds of dogs can be a passion.

Collections: Stamps(philately),coins,toy cars,dolls,glass figurines,knives,etc., from around the world as one travels are collected and displayed in the showcase of one's home and are the highpoint of any conversation when guests come in. Collecting Vintage cars are a passion with many former Indian Maharajahs and tycoons. Art, Antiques and Car collections top the list among connoisseurs around the world. Shoe collections such as that of Imelda Marcos are yet to be beaten.

Outdoor Activity: Parasailing,Yachting,Boating,Fishing,Trekking,Hiking,Gokarting,Motocross,Biking,Camping,Hangliding,are some of the activities one can enjoy.

Sports: Indoor sports include table tennis,chess,draughts,etc.,besides team games like volleyball,basketball,softball, rugby,soccer,squash,tennis,badminton which can be played outdoor as well. Swimming,diving,figure skating,ice hockey are also interesting.

Photography : This is one hobby that most enjoy as they can carry their cameras anywhere and click anytime they find something interesting. But,some specialize in profiles,landscapes,culture,architecture,children which gives them an indepth understanding and is more meaningful.

Travel : Depending on one's purse,travel can be a hobby for some. Choosing one's travel plans carefully,one can study the culture,landscape,nature of one's destination. Some love visiting various faraway beaches,others love wildlife parks and sanctuaries to study flora and fauna. Some take up bird watching,according to season.

Dance,Drama,Yoga: Theatre beckons some where enacting or dancing a particular form is a way of expression. Singing or playing a musical instrument also is a form of expression.

Yoga,aerobics,gymming,bodybuilding are all forms of using the whole body to keep it in top physical condition.

Meditation is meant to keep you in top mental form.

The above is only a guideline of what activities can be classified as a hobby,while there are many more interesting ones. Perhaps you can suggest some in the comments section.

Do You Earn Money With Your Hobby?

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So,How Can I Earn Out Of My Hobby

Yes,we talked about what kind of hobbies one can pursue and how beneficial it is for a well rounded personality. What if I told you that you can earn money from your passion as well. Yes,I shall give you examples here of real people who I have seen translate their free time activity into a business.

If you are good at your hobby and really passionate about it, you will spend time and money in pursuing it. Now,why don't you teach others as well-for a fee,of course. Or you can write How To articles about your hobby online for sites such as Hubpages. Or you can start your own blog on blogger or wordpress to tell people how to start your hobby,and your suggestions will be valued. Adding Google Adsense will bring you additional revenue,and your expertise may be sought online or offline for which you can charge.

Alternately,you can develop writing itself as a hobby. You can publish ebooks on any subject including your hobby and sell online.

Your art and handicrafts can be sold on sites such as ebay.

You can teach your hobby online or offline as well. Tutors are always welcome and there are many willing to pay to learn a hobby. Cooking,baking,vegetable carving,dessert making,the art of Bonsai and Ikebana,knitting,hairdos,dance,playing piano,guitar,dance,yoga,aerobics -you name it -there are people wanting to learn it. You can even teach a language.

If you are a good cook with excellent time management skills,you can venture into catering for small parties. Baking offers you a similar way to market your baked products. Innovation is the key. The more creative you are,the competition fades away. Several ladies have independently set up catering units,bakery units,pickle and preserves outlets and chocolate stores. Corporates encourage such ventures and place bulk orders,and you can also sell through supermarkets. Offering free samples in your friends' circle spreads the word quickly.

Gardening gives you a chance to market your own organic produce for which there is a demand always. You can sell your Bonsai creations or your flower arrangements.

Traveling exposes you to various cultures,cuisine,lifestyle. Photography helps you capture those and these can be utilized in a photoblog or embedding videos in your blog or on sites such as youtube will bring you additional revenue online.

Become an entrepreneur with your hobby,and you will enjoy working. Setting your own limits and pursuing your passion makes it satisfying and worthwhile.


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