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How To Get Free Wii Games By Signing Up For Trial Offers.

Updated on March 1, 2009

There are so many shady offers out there that promise your free games or gift cards just by signing up for a few offers and then refering your friends. MegaFreebie is one that I have personally used and have found them to be honest and fast. I started the program at the end of October and by the end of November I had my free game in hand.

MegaFreebie asks for low requirements to get free video games. Only 2 credits and the offers to fulfill those credits run from 1/2 credit to 1 credit. I was able to fulfill my credit requirements with just 3 sign ups. My out of pocket was under $7 and I didn't have to wait for anyone to sign up under me.

My Mega Freebie Stats
My Mega Freebie Stats

How Mega Freebie Works

  • Sign up and create your account
  • Browse through the offers. First sign up for anything that is completely free.
  • If you are not able to complete 2 full credits for free, sign up for any of the very low cost offers. You do not want your costs to be more then a few dollars to get this game.
  • Wait a few days for all of the offers to be reviewed and approved as complete by Mega Freebie
  • Call and CANCEL all offers. This is done through the offer website and not through MegaFreebie Get the name and cancelation number if possible from whomever is helping to cancel your offer just in case there is any issue.
  • Browse the MegaFreebie's video game titles. Order whatever you want. They usually have the newest titles available!
  • MegaFreebie order them through Amazon and have them shipped to you directly from Amazon.
  • If you want more games.. rinse and repeat the steps above.

Have Fun

What is postitive about MegaFreebie is that they have pretty good customer service and you don't have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get a few free games. You don't have to refer anybody. You just sign up, do your thing, fill out some offers, cancel when accepted, the tell MegaFreebie what you want.

Have Fun!

There is no affiliate link. I don't make any money for you to sign up. Just passing on a good deal. Go to MegaFreebie


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