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How To Improve Your Aim In Billiards With Just One Simple Lesson

Updated on August 11, 2014

You Won't Ever Miss A Shot Again

Aiming Your Shots At The Pool Table Is Easier Than you Think

Have you ever wondered why and how that friend of yours seems to have a “magic touch” at the pool table? Imagine how it would be different if you had a similar skill the next time that you get together for a match.

Now, let me tell you the secret for improving your score in this game. it's just a mater of knowing how to aim correctly at your target ball. In practically no time you will be able to almost always sink any ball, if you just know how to aim when playing billiards. And this is exactly what this article is about.

First of all, let me describe a phenomenon that occurs at the pool table which is the basis for being able accomplish this goal. When ever the cue ball hits a target ball, it will throw it straight through the same line that crosses the center of both balls in that moment (except when applying any kind of spin, generally known as “English”).

And here is the second piece of the formula. Most of us humans share the ability to “see” with our minds, which is something we call visualization. And if you think you can’t do it, just try not thinking of a black cat.

It is highly probable, that as soon as you read that last phrase you thought of a black cat even when I told you not to. And probably you saw it mentally too. That’s because we can form images with in our minds of things that are not actually physically in front of us in any particular moment, but let’s leave that for another article.

Now, imagine that you are at the pool table with your friends and you have the cue ball in your left hand. Then imagine that you put it in the center of the pool table. If you can imagine this then you can learn how to improve your accuracy when making your shots. So once you know how, you will be able to sink almost any object ball most of the time, using the next technique.

The trick goes as follows. Suppose that you have a target ball close to a corner pocket and it is the one that will make you win the set. Imagine that this object ball is not aligned for a straight forward shot but instead it is at an angle. Under these circumstances you might get nervous because you wouldn’t want to miss that shot. Let’s make sure you won’t

So, how do you aim correctly? You have to first visualize an invisible ball (I know this sounds contradictory but bear with me). And this imaginary ball should be in contact with the target ball, forming with it a line that passes through both of them and in the direction of the pocket.

Now, that imaginary ball is the one at which you will have to aim. Make your shot in a way that your cue ball travels directly to the center of that invisible ball. This will ensure that when the cue ball makes contact, the object ball will be thrown right into the pocket. You might notice that most of the time you’ll sink any ball at the pool table using this simple trick.

And although this technique won’t make you a professional player overnight, it will for sure help you increase your score at the pool table, even without having to practice for hours. So, why not give it a try.


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