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How To Improve in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Updated on May 4, 2010

Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been out for several months now, but many people are still having trouble competing with the more experienced players. This hub is dedicated to helping all of you struggling players, or those of you who just want a few helpful tips.


Here's a list of tips to improve your performance which translates to more fun.

Choose perks that complement each other. This means don't use perks that aren't efficient such as lightweight without marathon. Here are some suggestions: when sniping use sleight of hand pro, stopping power, and either ninja pro or steady aim pro. Sleight of hand pro allows you to aim down your sights much quicker which is essential for quick scoping, stopping power greatly improves the chances of a one shot kill, and ninja pro will make your footsteps quiet and make you invisible to heart beat sensors while steady aim pro will make your cross hairs smaller and allow you to hold your breath longer for those long shots. When using an assault rifle I would suggest using either sleight of hand or scavenger, stopping power, and ninja. If you want to be a silent killer then I would suggest a silenced submachine gun (I use the ump) with marathon, hardline, and ninja.

Change your button layout to tactical! This means that crouch and go prone is now the analog stick (I use the PS3 so R3) and knife is O. This helps so much and is probably the most important tip because it puts all of your bodily movements at your thumbs. This allows you to drop shot which has saved my life literally hundreds of times, and to easily duck behind cover to reload. For those of you who tried switching to tactical, but switched back to default because you couldn't get used to the controls I have a solution to your problem. Set your layout to tactical and play spec ops for an hour. This gives you a chance to practice without destroying your kd or getting frustrated.

Use killstreaks that fit your skill level. This means that if you play an entire game without achieving your killstreaks then lower them to UAV, Care Package, and Predator Missile.

Watch youtube videos of other COD players. This has helped me tremendously because watching somebody is the best way to pick up a new skill. I would highly suggest Machinima and Machinima Respawn because these channels have over a BILLION views and they excellent directors with many helpful tips and tricks. I would suggest watching videos from Hutch and Seananners because they are both very skilled and give fantastic tips. However there are many other great commentators who post on Machinima. In fact they just had a tournament were professional players fought for $5,000, and you can't get much better than watching pros take on pros if you want to see tactics and secret hiding places. Another great thing about Machinima is the commentary is usually hilarious and very entertaining.

Play with friends. This may not seem like it will improve your skill level, but playing in a party will cause you to have more fun and this usually translates to better scores.

Remember that it's just a game. If you are frustrated or no longer having fun then play a different game, or just put the controller down and do something else for a while.

Modern Warfare 2


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