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How To Make A Minecraft Survival Island Map (Part Two)

Updated on October 22, 2011
The checkerboard of the MC Edit void!
The checkerboard of the MC Edit void!

Continued from part one...

When you open your new world, you'll see nothing but a big blue chess board and Steve's head sitting on a block of sponge. That's how it's supposed to be. You can now use the brush tool to place objects around the spawn point. You may find that MC Edit has kindly put in a layer of bedrock. You can leave this if it doesn't bother you, or remove it by selecting the bedrock and then using the 'Delete Blocks' function. I'd recommend deleting it, as it will be visible during gameplay otherwise.

It's advisable to use the natural spawn point for several reasons. 1. It's in a good place, not too low and not too high. 2. It puts you right in the middle of your void world, so your players are kept as far from the naturally generating world as possible. If you don't want people hopping off the island, this is an important consideration.

TIP 4: If you ever lose sight of the spawn point, which is easily done in larger laps, double click the spawner icon in the menu. That will take you right back to the spawn.

MC Edit Brush Selection
MC Edit Brush Selection

Now it's time to start creating your island! Using the brush tool, select a shape. You can also choose the effect a brush will have.

Fill = Simply fills the available space.

Replace = Will replace previously placed blocks.

Erode = Erodes (removes) existing blocks.

Topsoil = Lays down a topsoil layer.

Then choose the material you want to build with. The first option will always be 'Stone', but if you click there, you'll see a menu open up with many other options.

The noise checkbox allows you to lay down less than perfect squares and spheres etc if you find them to be unnatural looking, whilst the 'hollow' function allows you to create hollowed out structures. You can encase the player in an ubreakable bredrock sphere at spawn if you so desire!

If you want to make fine tuning changes to your map, I recommend switching it into creative mode, saving it and heading off into minecraft to edit your map there. Once you're done with making the final tweaks, you can go ahead and save it in minecraft, quit the game, go back to MC Edit and use the CTRL I function to change the map back to a survival map.

And that's pretty much it! Have fun with the tools and play around a bit, you're sure to discover a whole host of new applications for them and perhaps you'll even be the one to create the next SkyBlock style minecraft survival sensation!

The final-ish product. A minecraft island floating in the void.
The final-ish product. A minecraft island floating in the void.


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