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How To Make Balloon Decorations

Updated on April 29, 2008
Photo: cupcake2007, Flickr
Photo: cupcake2007, Flickr

Everybody loves balloons and balloon decorations can add a special atmosphere to kids' parties. You can get extremely creative when making decorations out of balloons, tailoring your decorations to your event. And the best part is that balloons are affordable and easy to work with. Balloon designs make a great centerpieces, entry decorations or all over mood setting for a child's birthday or baby shower. All you need is a little imagination and lots of hot air!

Balloon Ceiling

The easiest balloon decoration I've ever used is what I call the Balloon Ceiling. It's for those of us who are less creative, but still want to create a festive mood for a party. All you do is inflate lots and lots of latex balloons with helium, then tie and curl curling ribbon and let the balloons rise to the ceiling! Make sure the ribbon is long enough that the kids can grasp it during the party (or not!). The ribbons suspended in mid-air add a lot to the atmosphere. Then at the end of the party kids can take balloons home or you can let them do a balloon stomp if you dare! In fact, you can even create an entire balloon themed birthday party.

How to Make Balloon Bouquets

An easy way to decorate with balloons is by creating balloon bouquets, small bunches decorated with tulle. Take three or five (always use an odd number) helium-filled balloons with ribbon attached to the knot. Tie them together so that the one in the middle is a little higher than the ones on the outside. Using a contrasting roll of tulle, tie the end of the tulle to the base of a balloon starting with the lowest balloons. Wrap the tulle around the ribbon, all the way to the bottom and secure with a stapler. Tape because it will not hold and glue with show. Tie the balloons to a weight and arrange around your party room.

Balloon Clusters Can Be Used Many Ways

If you're not feeling particularly creative or inspired, just start with some balloon clusters and figure out what to do with them later! They're so simple to make and you can always find a place for them. A balloon cluster is three balloons tied together than can be used in different ways around the party area such as hanging from chandeliers, on banisters, door frames, window treatments, the backs of chairs, or just about anywhere else you can imagine. Just tie three inflated balloons together and you're in business. You can further decorate balloon clusters by tying ribbon, tulle, or crepe paper onto them.

Balloon Arches

The balloon arch is surely the Mack Daddy of all balloon decorations and they are really not that difficult to create. You can get as simple or complex as you want with balloon arches. You can buy various accessories for creating balloon arches or you can just construct them yourself. Several places online sell instructions for making balloon arches, but you can also find them for free. (Click the link above.)

See, it's easy! Make your child's next party a winner with balloons!

And.... check out this balloon decorating blog for even more great ideas!


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  • jollyjump profile image

    jollyjump 5 years ago from Columbus, GA

    Thanks, for the info been looking to start working with balloons!

  • profile image

    sandi masori 7 years ago

    great article on balloon decorating for the DIYers. One of the biggest factors in getting a professional look is making sure that all the balloons are the same size. An easy way to do this is to count how many seconds it takes to inflate it to the size you want, and then to repeat that on the rest of the balloons. While this isn't as foolproof as using sizing equipment or templates, it's a better method than just trying to eyeball it.

  • profile image

    Joy 9 years ago



    GET IT AT. I LIVE IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA, EAST. Thank you for this page.

  • Minnie's Mom profile image

    Minnie's Mom 9 years ago from Seattle, WA

    Thanks for all the ideas and links. I like the balloon blog too ; )

  • profile image

    carl 9 years ago

    this is awesome

  • msms profile image

    msms 9 years ago

    Great Hub Ms Lela Davidson

    Your artistic decorations are very interesting.