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How To Make Credits In Swtor

Updated on November 30, 2011

Tips For Making Credits In Swtor

With only 19 days to the release of Stars Wars The Old Republic it is time for beta testers to start sharing their tips and tricks with the rest of the Swtor community and today I'm going to give you some tips for making credits in Swtor. Many of you would of been playing Swtor this last weekend just gone in the final beta test weekend and I can imagine many of you see that it is not easy to get a lot of credits and keep hold of them due to the amount of credit sinks that Bioware has in Swtor.

So please read on to see my top tips for making credits in Swtor:

  1. Quests and side quests are a good source early and income and will provide you will the capitol you need to further your Swtor credit making in crafting or trading on the GTN. Also you will find that quest rewards such as armor and weapons and save you the credits on buying better gear for your character and the exp which is also very nice. So with this in mind you should aim to do as many quests as you can.
  2. My favourite is next and that is the GTN. The amount of credits you can make from trading at the GTN in Swtor amazing. The GTN is the Galatic Trade Network and is basically Swtors market or auction house. The GTN is vast and player controlled so you can take your piece of the pie and start trading there. Good items to trade are craft materials, consumables and weapons I find. For more information on trading on the GTN check out Swtor Credits Guide.
  3. Crafting is another excellent way to make your Swtor character very rich. Certain crafts are better than others for making credits but everyone of them is going to make you credits. I recommend that you learn Biochem if you are really wanting to make credits since the consumables items you can craft and sell are highly needed and used up by players. Or if you are planning on making yourself gear which is a great idea since it will save you the credits of buying it, Then make sure you pick a craft that allows you to make your classes weapons. Players will pay more for weapons than armor at lower levels.
  4. Slicing is one of the gathering skills in Swtor and is excellent for making credits. With this gathering skill you can open locked boxes and access terminals which both contain rare items for sale or just a good amount of credits. And since there are a lot of lock boxes and terminals in the environment you and your wallet will always be able to benefit from the Swtor Slicing skill.
  5. The last one is a basic one but an important one, And its simple. Be wise with your credits. You should always weight up your options before paying out for a item. Think if you can get a better deal or get a similar item for free elsewhere. The amount of players that will buy a item that they are not going to use for very long and pay well over the actual worth of the item always surprises me. That's what made me so many credits on the GTN players like this, So do not be one of them.

Thats it for now but if you would like more tips for making credits in Swtor then head over to Swtor Credits Guide I highly recommed there Wealthy Hutts guide.


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