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How To Make Your Pokémon As Strong As Possible

Updated on May 13, 2013

I want to stress that this hub is to help make the pokémon you love perform better in battle. Many people just go grab the strongest pokémon available and start wreaking havoc. But really almost any pokémon can be that pokémon with decent training. And those pokémon that are just impossible to make devasting can at least be much more of a force. But the first rule of pokémon is use pokémon you enjoy! I have boxes full of pokémon that you might not ever expect to see as useful battle pokémon. But with good care you can make your pokémon perform far beyond expectations

Pokemon's Role

The first question you want to ask yourself is what do I want my pokémon to do? The most common answer would probably be everything. Unfortunately that isn't possible. No matter how you train your pokémon there will always be a counter to it. However that doesn't mean your pokémon is settling for being middle of the road, it just means that every pokémon has a weak spot. But considering your pokemons role is the most important step of this whole process (other than picking the pokémon of course). Being uncertain about what you want your pokémon to do shows in it's performance and though it may be tedious, a little planning in advance helps your pokémon reach it's full potential.

Team Configuration

This isn't necessary to know before beginning on your journey but at some point it will need to be considered. You need to make sure that your pokémon can cover one another's weaknesses. Whether that be statistical weaknesses or type weaknesses you have to make sure that one pokémon can't wall your entire team.


Now that you know what you want your pokémon to do now it is time to pick out a nature. Natures give a 10% boost to one stat and subtract 10% for another while some natures have no effect on stats whatsoever. So you have to try to decide what stat could benefit most from a boost and what stat can take a hit and find a nature that fits this. Breeding is by far the easiest way to get the nature you want for a pokémon, that being said breeding can still take hours.



One of the most important and difficult choices you have to make with your pokémon. You have four move slots and you have to use them very wisely. There is no set of rules I can give you for picking out a good moveset. It varys very widely based on the pokémon and role. This is one of your best chances to get creative. You may come up with a moveset that fits your style that most trainers would find absurd. There really isn't a definite right answer to movesets but there are some wrong ones (but those are usually glaringly obvious). Just pick the moves you think will work best for your pokémon and test them out. They can always be replaced if they don't work out. Just make sure you look at breeding moves before breed. You don't want to pass up a potentially awesome move. The only tips I can give you here are try to make sure your pokémon: can cover atleast one of its weaknesses, has a move to deal with common pokémon (such as the garchomp and salamence), has a priority move if you think it could use one, and has a move of its own type as that will do 1.5x damage.

IVs and EVs

IVs(individual values) are points towards stats that pokémon have from the second they hatch or are encountered. These cannot be contolled and can't be tracked in game very accurately. In some games there are characters who can tell you if your pokemons IVs are good or bad but its pretty vague. These aren't the biggest concern but they can certainly be helpful. EVs(effort values) are points toward stats that pokémon get from battling other pokémon. EVs are determined by the pokémon that is defeated. If your pokémon defeats a caterpie it will get 1 hp ev for example. 4 evs translate into one point in that stat. A stat can have a total of 255 evs and a pokémon can have a total of 510 evs. If you watch these very dilligently that translates to +63 points in 2 stats and +1 in another. EVs can have a huge affect on your pokémon so make sure you battle against the right pokémon until your pokemon's evs are maxed out. A pokemons ev yield can easily be found online and are usually just based off a pokemons dominant stat. These may seem like it will take a long time, however some pokémon give up to three evs per battle and using a macho brace doubles any evs earned. That can translate up to 6 evs per battle.


Overall Process

Im not gonna sugar coat it. The whole process can be very time consuming and very tedious. But in the end you pokémon will be much stronger because of it and you can also make some pretty unique pokémon in the process. So good luck and have fun winning with your favorite pokepal

And here is an adorable spheal for your viewing pleasure!
And here is an adorable spheal for your viewing pleasure! | Source


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