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How To Play Old Versions of Minecraft Alpha | MC Nostalgia Minecraft Tool

Updated on October 17, 2011
Yay! Steve and Minecraft Alpha
Yay! Steve and Minecraft Alpha

New Minecraft is an entirely different game compared to old Minecraft. Back in the days of Minecraft Alpha the game was about mining, crafting and building - nothing more and nothing less. Nowadays Minecraft has an enchantment and potion system, not to mention a dragon boss. Whilst many players enjoy the new facets of Minecraft, a great many players preferred the simpler and more pure experience that came with Minecraft Alpha.

It's not just a game play thing either. Minecraft Alpha had very simple aesthetics. You got one kind of grass: bright green, and there was no such thing as a biome. When you generated a world it was either a sunny world or a snowy world. If you got a snowy world, then it always snowed. Always. If you got a sunny world, then the sun always shone. There was no such thing as rain or thunder or sandy biomes. If you wanted sand you went down to the beach and dug it out.

There were no beds, because the night was something you battled through, not something you slept through. There was no nether, because obsidian's primary use was for creating blast proof homes and walls that could withstand creepers, not for tripping off to a bland dimension where everything caught fire on a regular basis.

Back in the days of Minecraft Alpha, a diamond sword was what you aspired to. There was none of this shiny enchantment nonsense, no points or levels. There was no score. You played the game because you wanted to carve out a small piece of civlization in an empty world. There were no NPCs and no NPC villages. The very idea of NPCs completely undermined the premise of the game – resilience in the face of solitude.

There were no strongholds, no hidden ruins, no abandoned mines. There was no story aside from the one you yourself chose to create. Whether you love the new directions minecraft has taken or loathe them, the simple fact remains that the Minecraft being released as a 'finished product' bears little to no resemblance to the simple crafting and resource gathering game it once was.

MC Nostalgia | A Tool That Rolls Your Minecraft Install Back To Older Versions

MC Nostalgia is a fairly simple and easy to use tool that allows you to roll back whatever Minecraft version you're playing back to an earlier version using patches. You can patch and unpatch your Minecraft install as often as you like, testing out various versions of Minecraft. Keep in mind, some of the early alpha versions of minecraft may be missing elements you consider crucial to the experience.

MC Nostalgia can be downloaded here, as can the patcher files. Make sure you download both MC Nostalgia and the accompanying patcher files as one is useless without the other.


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    • profile image

      derp 4 years ago

      uhh no version for 1.7.4? its out and mc nostalgia is useless until sonicrules updates it :(

    • profile image

      Antian Forest 6 years ago

      If you have modded in the (current) version (1.8.1), would the game crash because of the vast amounts of unadded stuff? Even without mods, would it crash if you played an up-to-date world?

      Reply to

    • pcgamer profile image

      pcgamer 6 years ago

      What's really awesome about it is that 'back in my day' was about 11 months or so ago. Nostalgia doesn't take long to set in when a game is updated as much as this one is.

    • sumosalesman profile image

      sumosalesman 6 years ago from Somersworth New Hampshire

      "Back in my day..." :D Always enjoying the different perspectives you bring to your articles.