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How To Prestige Fast In Black Ops II

Updated on December 14, 2013

How To Prestige Faster: Black Ops 2

One of the many things that blew my mind about the video games

I play is that the game would only be out for a few days, and some

people would've already ranked up beyond what I thought was possible.

While playing Call of Duty: Black Ops at level 22, I would be playing

against clans that had already prestiged 3 or 4 times. This did not make sense to

me because I felt that I was doing all I could to get kills and earn XP. I

did some studying on why/how that was possible and I came up with a

few tricks to gaining rank and XP as fast as them. I haven’t seen good

online instruction for this topic yet, so I thought I would compile some

tips and tricks here. :)

The reason, I think, that no one posts instruction on how to rank up

faster, is because everyone who is at the top of the ranks WANTS TO

STAY ON THE TOP. Plus, there is little or no money to be made giving

instruction on how to play. Most of these tips are totally free, and one

will cost you as little as a soft drink. Here are the tips I have compiled:

Diversify Your Weapons, Perks, and Upgrades

If you use the same primary weapon you started with, along with a

red dot sight attachment, same original perks, frag grenade, and flash

grenade while trying to prestige, you will eventually have a harder

time gaining rank. Each weapon, perk, and weapon upgrade has

different "goals" that you can achieve to earn points. Once you finish all

the achievements for an attachment or grenade, you are only going to get

XP for the kills that you get. If you use a lot of different combinations in

the 5 classes you are given, you can gain points faster. For an awesome M27 loadout check out my Hub:

(Tip: Blowing up cars can get you an achievement that can earn you

extra points.)

Use Shock Grenades, Bouncing Bettys, and Claymores

These items are a huge help in earning points in the game because they

are stationary, hard to spot if you aren't using the right perks, and they

give you points for every kill or shock without having to even be in the

area. Why not protect your backside with an explosive and go get more

kills elsewhere? Plus, you can double up on each of these items to create

more traps for enemies to be killed in.

(Tip: Shocking people with shock grenades helps you reach your

killstreaks faster, which will also help you gain even more XP.)

Choose Killstreaks That You Can Reach

If you can't get enough XP to reach a higher killstreak, then isn't that

just a waste of a slot? Luckily for people who won't be able to get high

XP in between deaths, the Care Package is fairly easy to reach. It will

drop you random killstreaks (one per Care Package) as long as you stay

alive long enough to grab your Care Package. The UAV helps your team

and can help you get kills that you may not have gotten without it. Also,

a Counter UAV disables the enemy's UAV and can give your team an

edge. Don't underestimate the easier killstreaks. As you gain experience

in the game, you can start working toward getting harder killstreaks.

(Tip: Get away from enemy heavy areas to throw your care package.

Also, try to have a friend cover you while waiting for, and collecting a

care package.)

Destroy Enemy Killstreaks, Claymores, Bouncing Bettys,


Not only is this a way to gain an advantage on the other team, but it

prevents them from getting as much XP as they would if you left their

killstreaks alone. You get achievements for taking out enemy UAVs,

RC-XDs, Guardians, etc… I always keep a class with a SMAW as a

secondary weapon. It will help out your team as you take out killstreaks

easily, and increase your score at the end of the game. Plus the SMAW

can be fired at enemies, though it is not very accurate at long distances.

(Tip: Shooting down an enemy UAV helps everyone on your team by

not allowing the enemy extra time knowing where your teammates are


Play Different Game Types

Believe it or not, Hardcore Team Deathmatch isn't the only game type

Black Ops 2 has to offer. I prefer Chaos Moshpit, which includes a

plethora of game types on maps like Nuketown: 2025. Games like

Kill Confirmed, where you don't only get points for kills, can help you

immensely in gaining XP. Also, if you play Hardpoint, you get extra XP

for killing enemies inside the hardpoint, and even more for capturing the


(Tip: Collecting extra tags in Kill Confirmed may make other players

mad, but it will increase your XP per game and will help your team


Buy Mt. Dew for 2XP!

Though this tip is definitely not free, it is very cheap. Small promotions

and deals between companies like Mt. Dew and Call of Duty offer

Double XP for purchasing certain products. Though one Mt. Dew may

only equal 30 minutes of Double XP, you can cut the time it takes to

rank up in half.

These are only a few tips that can help you gain an edge on the

competition and rank up faster. If you have any other ideas on how to

prestige faster, send them to me at Also, if you

have any ideas for Hubs that you would like me to post, send them my


Thanks for reading, hope you learned something,



Use LEAGUE PLAY to earn even more points toward prestiging! When I last played in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II League Play I was earning tens of thousands of points per match. League play takes your stats from a series of five games and "places" you into a league with players who play on your level. You can move up or down in the leagues while earning insane amounts of points and prestiging faster than ever before. Try out league play to see what I'm talking about. Hope you enjoyed the update. Have fun playing!



EMP grenades are the newest item that I am promoting for the sheer fact that it is an all around secondary weapon. Not only does it stun enemies while taking out all of their electronic devices(sights, maps, etc...), it also disables killstreaks that they have earned, bouncing betties and claymores, and shock charges. Earning points for each piece of equipment that is destroyed will help push you toward prestiging super fast while pissing off your enemy because they can't keep a guardian for more than 30 seconds. I have even seen one disable a hunter killer as it was being thrown. I hope you enjoy this update and can agree with me that the EMP grenade is well worth having a secondary weapon. Thanks for reading the update. Hope it helps you reach prestige master a little bit faster. Enjoy playing.


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You should also check out all the new zombie packs. If you want a different type of competition, try beating 800 zombies alone in Alcatraz or Nuketown. Or, challenge your friends to see how many times you can visit the Golden Gate Bridge before you all get eaten ;). I'll even include one more Zombie picture for your entertainment. Check this one out below!


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